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The capsule hotel “Nine hours” at Narita International Airport in Japan is recommended for early morning and late night LCC flights. 24 hour open!


Here’s an article for travelers who are thinking about visiting the country. How to take a nap at Narita Airport!

There are many people who want to spend their money on hotels and leisure by using reasonable LCC.

However, the bottleneck for LCCs is the time of day. It would be a waste to stay in a hotel on a late night/early morning flight. Here’s a look at the stylish and neat capsule hotel at Narita Airport “9h nine hours” that you can take advantage of in such a situation. Women’s use is also safe!


Nine Hours is located on the first basement level of Parking Lot No. 2, adjacent to Terminal 2 of Narita Airport. These days, there is a large sign in the airport, so it is easy to understand.

I had a domestic flight connection, but I was able to take a nap with a few hours to spare, so I’m sure this can be used for busy business trips.

Capsule hotel

As you enter the store, you will feel a stylish atmosphere different from the old Japanese capsule hotels with the white based interior design and pictograms.

Of course, there is wi-fi.

We finished the reception and went to the rest area. It is divided into a male floor on the left and a female floor on the right, centered on the front desk. The photo shows the entrance to the men’s floor.

You can borrow a set of loungewear, slippers, bath towels and face towels for napping at reception. The locker room will be used to change clothes and organize your luggage.

Passing through the locker room, this is the women’s washroom/restroom space. It was a weekday and there were few people, so I could use it slowly.

Easy to understand icons are placed in each space so you won’t get lost. Here is the design of the floor to the shower room.

Shower space with dressing room. It’s very clean.

The amenity is the TAMANOHADA brand products by Tama-no-skin Soap Corporation in Sumida-ku, Tokyo!


After showering and changing clothes, it’s time for a nap! It’s not a large room, but it has a curtain that closes all the time, so I was able to rest comfortably.

The hotel is very quiet and the room temperature and humidity are perfect. You can also charge your smartphone via USB in the space above your head and play the sound of the waves as background music.

In addition to the early morning and late night transit flights, you can also use the hotel for business trips and leisure breaks near Narita. We also have branches in Kyoto and Sendai in addition to Narita Airport, so please make use of them!

nine hours Narita Airport

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24 hour open!

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