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What is a “Modified enhanced community quarantine” in the Philippines from May 16?


I found it somewhat confusing to read the news, so I put it together. Here’s what the Philippine government announced on May 12, “Changes to Community Segregation Measures.

What is the classification of the Modified enhanced community quarantine?

Highest risk=ECQ

The area where the strictest stay-at-home rules, etc. will continue to be imposed. *With this announcement, all regions will be removed from the ECQ.

High risk=Modified ECQ *It is labeled MECQ.

It continues to be a strict stay-at-home rule, but you can leave the house if you want to get the things you need to live. They will also be able to work in industries that have been given permission to reopen by the government.

And outdoor exercise, such as jogging or cycling, is allowed as long as you wear a mask and maintain a social distance of two meters. (I get the vague impression of where outdoor exercise permits are good against home rules.) *Manila, Laguna Province, and Cebu are applicable.

Middle risk=GCQ

In addition to the above MECQ content, and people in local government and other key service related jobs will be able to work. *Batangas is applicable. Update May 15: *Puerto Galera is applicable.

Low risk=Modified GCQ

It does not involve a strict quarantine or stay-at-home rule. However, basic health guidelines such as wearing a mask, frequent hand washing and gargling, and ensuring social distance must be followed. *Puerto Galera is applicable.

It is represented by these four. With this announcement, Mindoro Province (Mimaropa region), where Puerto Galera is located, is now a Modified GCQ area.
Update May 15: The GCQ has been reapplied by the announcement on the 14th. For more information, click here.

What does it say about the move?

High risk=Modified ECQ

Public transport (trains, MRTs, LRTs, buses, jeepneys, tricycles, taxis, etc.) is not permitted. Also, you can’t use the Grab taxi and other dispatch services. Private corporate shuttles and privately owned cars are allowed up to two people, and bikes and bicycles are allowed up to one person.

As far as flights are concerned, limited international flights and returning Filipinos are allowed, but domestic flights and island transfers are not allowed. Therefore, it will continue to be almost impossible to fly to and from Manila and Cebu.

Middle risk=GCQ

Public transportation will be allowed, but fever checks, etc. will continue to take place. Also, private vehicles (cars, bikes, bicycles) are fully permitted.

As far as air travel is concerned, both flights are permitted as long as they are between GCQ areas.

Batangas is one of them, but I can’t find any description of the ferry service. I will post this information as soon as it becomes available.

Low risk=Modified GCQ

As with the GCQ, public transportation will be allowed, but fever checks will continue to be conducted. Also, private rides are fully permitted.

As for the plane, all flights can resume, but there will be medical checks. There are seaplanes flying from Manila to Puerto Galera, but information is currently unknown.

Other information

Having grasped the 4 classification areas above, the presentation below is very helpful in detailing each item. It lists in detail the types of businesses that can resume their activities.

However, the situation is likely to remain challenging when it comes to tourist destinations and travel agencies etc. The last presentation slide (page 21) is helpful. The “Modified GCQ” that Puerto Galera falls under doesn’t have any mention of business activity, so it could be taken as a complete deactivation, but don’t expect everything to be business as usual, but stay tuned.

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source: Rappler / EXPLAINER: What’s modified ECQ and modified GCQ?




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