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“Blue Lagoon Dive Resort” with French Restaurant & Diving Shop!


This time, we’re going to introduce you to the Blue Lagoon Dive Resort, a dive and accommodation facility that just opened in 2018! While the number of Chinese- and Korean-owned facilities is increasing, Blue Lagoon Dive Resort is run by a Frenchman. The clientele is predominantly European and American, and the resort is different from other resorts in the Sabang Small La Laguna area.

Exterior of the hotel and resort

A diver is briefing in front of the restaurant.
A staff member meeting.

Accommodation facilities

There are 14 bungalow rooms and 4 sea view rooms in the hotel. All the rooms are clean and bright with light coming in through the windows. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, hot showers and WiFi internet.

Bungalow room

Exterior of the bungalow room
The rooms are located on both sides of the facility’s courtyard.
Bungalow / Standard Room (2 single beds)
Bungalow / Superior Room (2 double beds)
Bungalow / Family Room (1 double bed + 2 single beds)

Sea view room

The Sea View Room on the second floor of the restaurant overlooks Small La Laguna Beach.
*The Sea View Room is currently under construction. Check it out when you make your reservation!

Separate clean baths and toilets!

What makes this hotel unique is that it has a separate shower room and toilet. Isn’t this something that many of our customers are happy about?

The bathroom is so clean!

Accommodation charge

RoomNumber of bedsPrice
Bungalow / Standard Room2 single beds3,435php
Bungalow/Superior Room2 double beds3,745php
Bungalows / Family Rooms2 single beds
1 double bed
sea view room1 single bed
1 double bed

*This is a reference rate as of January 2019.

About the French Restaurant

An authentic chef from Paris, France, offers a wide range of French courses, pizza and pasta. You’ll enjoy the taste and the look!

A view of the front of the restaurant along the beach.
An example of the menu
Breakfast Menu
single item menu
French and Salad Menu
Pasta and Pizza Menu
Burger and dessert menu
Drink Menu 1
Drink Menu 2
The restaurant is open and bright.
Relaxing with a view of the beach is exceptional.
There is also a beautifully maintained courtyard through the restaurant.
In addition, there is a swimming pool where you can take diving lessons.

About the Affiliated Facilities

Spa and massage

You can even get a massage service at the on-site spa! The cost is 600 pesos for 60 minutes.

Dive shop

Clean and well-kept rental equipment.
We have two speedboats, so it’s easy to get to the dive site!
Diving Price List. Fun dives start at 1,430 pesos.
Another feature of the Blue Lagoon Dive Resort is that it owns a “Rebreather” that has been getting a lot of attention in recent years. It looks like you can do a rebreather trial dive here.


It’s located on the beach in Small La Laguna, a short walk from Saban Beach.

This was an introduction to Blue Lagoon Dive Resort, a newly opened resort with beautiful rooms, toilets, restaurants and diving equipment.

Blue Lagoon Dive Resort Website


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