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CANDAVA is a supermarket in Puerto Galera. Essential for shopping, currency exchange, souvenirs and extended stays!


CANDAVA is the largest supermarket in Puerto Galera, and if you come to Puerto Galera, you must visit CANDAVA!

In addition to shopping for food, beverages, and medicine, it is a convenient supermarket that is indispensable when traveling because you can also exchange money. Restaurants, businesses and locals also visit from Sabang Beach and other places to buy in bulk.


What can I buy?

Instant noodles, pasta, canned goods, frozen foods, jams, bread, various seasonings, snacks, etc.

Beer, wine, whiskey, coffee, and various soft drinks.

daily necessities
Shampoo, detergent, mosquito coils, sanitary products, tissues, etc.

Cold medicine, anti-diarrhea, mosquito repellent, etc.

fresh food
Pork, beef, and chicken are sold in quantities.

the others
Tobacco, currency exchange, etc.

A view of the supermarket

CANDAVA is located on the main street in the heart of Puerto Galera!

The sign for CANDAVA. The main entrance has a lot of customers coming and going, so you’ll know it right away.

A view of the main entrance. There is a locker next to the entrance where you can keep your luggage.

The view from the front. There is a counter where you can buy and exchange medicines on the left after entering the store. On the right is a line of frozen food and cold drinks.

Cigarettes and alcohol are lined up in a row. Cigarettes are sold in cartons. I often hear stories about how alcohol in the Philippines makes my head hurt. You might want to take a closer look at the stocks and buy them.

The shelves are filled with products for each item.

A shelf of peanuts with a wide variety of snacks. There is a wide variety of snacks in the Philippines. There are only a few of them, but there are Pringles and other foreign-made chocolates!

It’s really a lot of canned goods. Mackerel, sardines (and anchovies!) Canned goods such as squid, corned beef, sausage, spam and fruit are available.

CANDAVA Supermarket is the perfect place to look for souvenirs or to prepare a BBQ, which is indispensable even if you are staying for a long time. Drinks and snacks are also cheap, so if you need something in the hotel, I recommend coming here.

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