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Castillo’s Store, a mini-mart in Sabang Beach, now has a currency exchange that can be used late at night!


It’s very convenient from early morning to late night in Sabang Beach area!

As many of you know, there are many money changers in the Sabang area. The exchange rate is often the same as or better than the airport.

Most money changers close at 20 p.m., but Castillo’s Store, a mini-mart on Sabang’s main street, has started offering currency exchange services until 3 a.m. It came in very handy when I suddenly needed the Philippine Peso.

A view of the Castillo’s Store

It is located on the main street in Saban Beach.
An electric sign is out.
This is the May 2019 exchange rate. The whiteboard will be updated.

Business hours

6 a.m. to 3 a.m.

Location of Castillo’s Store

The rate is also good. Handy for everyday use, or if you need some Filipino pesos at night while traveling!

However, since you can exchange money at the counter of a supermarket, please be careful not to exchange too much money because you may be noticed by other customers and people outside the store!

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