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Coconut milk powder in the Philippines is 55 pesos per box. For women’s souvenirs, cakes, sweets and curries.


If you’re traveling in the Philippines, coconut-based souvenirs are a staple! You don’t have to stop at the big supermarkets in Manila to buy food-based souvenirs in Puerto Galera. Introducing Coconut Milk Powder, an essential ingredient in cakes, puddings and other desserts and Asian curries.

It’s a coconut milk powder from a manufacturer called “Fiesta”. I bought a box of 150g at the market “CANDAVA” in the center of Puerto Galera for 55 pesos. The small ones cost 21 pesos for a 50g bag.

Fiesta is another manufacturer that puts out a lot of other food products. I’m sure you’ll see them in supermarkets a lot.

It looks like this when you take out the contents. This is an unsweetened coconut powder.

As a fussy person, I often make and eat a simple coconut milk pudding using coconut powder. MR. GULAMAN” in the photo is powdered agar. It costs 10.75 pesos for a 25g bag. This is also cheap!

You can do simple things with powdered agar, coconut milk powder, milk and sugar! I think the coconut powder is easier to use if you shake it well before using it. Transfer to a dish and chill in the refrigerator when the heat is removed.

Cow’s milk story. They also sell Nestle milk in Puerto Galera, but apparently it makes me sick… So, I always use Coffee mate, a cream powder, as a substitute.

If there’s room in your suitcase, how about one souvenir to take home with you? This was an introduction to the very Filipino coconut milk powder!

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