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2019 Edition: How do you want to get to Puerto Galera? Also each area and transportation.


“プエルトガレラ.com” or “PuertoGallera.com” launched in February 2015, and since then, how to get there and how to get there has changed a bit. Here is a summary of the latest information that both first-time visitors and repeat visitors should check out.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) In order to prevent the invasion, there will be no movement in Mindoro Island and off-island for 11 days from 12pm 14th to 25th March. The ferry stop is now in effect. Details are below.


You have Two get to Puerto Galera courses.

  1. Bus or Car (from Manila to Batangas) + Ferry (from Batangas to PuertoGalera)
    After departure from Manila, transfer to the ferry via Batangas Port.
  2. Seaplane (direct flight from Manila to PuertoGalera)
    After leaving Manila, you will arrive directly in Puerto Galera.

1.Bus or Car from Manila to Batangas

There are several ways to do this.

The Si-kat Ferry Bus bus is recommended for first-time visitors.

The “Si-kat Ferry Bus” is a bus and ferry tour package from Manila to Puerto Galera with an escort. This convenient and affordable “Si-kat Ferry Bus” can be booked online. I recommend it because you can pay by credit card in advance.

The cheapest way public bus.

This is the way to get around in the Philippines using public buses. you take a public bus in Manila City to the Port of Batangas. Once you arrive, you will need to transfer to the ferry.

Other services such as private chartered cars, taxis, chartered vans, etc.

*If you take a tour organized by a travel agency or a diving tour, a private car may be provided to the port of Batangas.

*There are some people who negotiate with taxis for the route between Manila and Batangas by personal arrangement.

*The hotel resort in Puerto Galera may offer a private charter from the Manila airport as a service. It is advisable to inquire in advance.

Transfer to the ferry at Batangas Port.

If you do not use the seaplane, you will need to transfer to a ferry via the Port of Batangas. You don’t need to pay for Si-kat Ferry Bus or package tours in advance, but if you want to buy your own tickets, please refer to our previous articles.

2.Seaplane (direct flight from Manila to PuertoGalera)

It takes only 30 minutes one way to get there! It’s the quickest way to get to Puerto Galera without changing ferries in Batangus, so it’s recommended for those who value speed.

About each area in Puerto Galera.


“Muelle” is the arrival point of the ferry from Batangas. It is in this area that city hall and large supermarkets are located. If you’re visiting Puerto Galera to visit Sabang Beach, take the “Ferry to Port Muelle”. The Orient Pearl Resort, a hotel run by a Japanese woman, is located in this area.


This is the arrival point of the ferry from Batangas. There are no tourist attractions or hotels around, but the port has been improved compared to what it used to be. If you’re visiting Puerto Galera for White Beach, take the “Ferry to Port Baratello”.

White Beach

The beautiful white sandy beach is a popular spot with many tourists from abroad. In addition to marine activities, there are many hotels and restaurants. It is recommended to relax while watching the sunset.

Sabang Beach

Sabang Beach is located on the north side of the island, where you can enjoy scuba diving and nightlife. There are many diving shops and resort hotels along the sea. Note that there used to be a direct ferry from the Port of Batangas, but this has been discontinued since 2018.

Boquete Beach

Boquete Beach is located halfway between Muelle Harbor and White Beach. This beach is where the seaplane from Manila arrives. The area is a resort like a private beach, but you must try to watch the sun set gently.

Talipanan Beach

Talipanan Beach is located in the westernmost area of Puerto Galera. Unlike the bustling White Beach or Sabang Beach, here is a relaxing and relaxing spot. The area is home to the Japanese hotel “Minshuku KCS” which opened last year and the luxury resort “Infinity Resort“. We also can trip to this area to see the Mangyan village and enjoy trekking at the waterfall.

Aninuan Beach

Aninuan Beach is located in the western area of Puerto Galera. It is almost the same area as Talipanan.

Tabinay Beach

Tabinay Beach is located in the southeast area of Puerto Galera. This area has a local atmosphere and is recommended for repeat travelers. This is the area to go to when you go to Calapan city where the immigration office is located and Tamarao waterfall.

How to get around the island?

Bunker boat

There is a small bunker boat service connecting each beach. You can buy tickets at the port or negotiate the plan you want to go on the spot.


Tricycle is a must ride when you come to the Philippines. It features a riding basket on the right side of the bike, which can move up to three or four people together.

Habal Habal (motorbike taxi)

It’s a convenient way to move around on a motorbike. It’s dangerous, so use one per person and don’t forget to wear a helmet!


It is recommended for those who want to move around the island slowly. There are many people who use it from Muelle Port to Sabang Beach.

Rent a bike

You can also rent a bike for a day and get around the island freely. There is a bike shop on each beach.

Car rental

Private charters may also be available at resorts and hotels. There’s even a way to rent a jeepney!

Examples of car rental services in Sabang.

That’s all for our recap of how to get around and what we’ve done so far with Puerto Galera. In particular, the ferry schedules in Batangas Port are often changed, and many travelers have experienced difficulties in the area. We’ll be updating the site as soon as we can, so please continue to support PuertoGallera.com!😃

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If you want to get from Manila to Puerto Galera smoothly, the Si-kat ferry bus is the most reasonable way to go. It’s the only way you can pay by credit card and book in advance.


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