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Coral and macro, sparkling electric shells. Puerto Galera’s diving Log in Manila Channel on March 2015.


Both snorkeling and beginner divers can enjoy it. I went diving in the Manila Channel, where the coral reefs are very beautiful. This time, we could see an “electric shell” that looked like it was running with electricity. Please make a request!

Diving Point: Manila Channel
Weather: Sunny
Water temperature: 23~24℃.
Flow: None.
Visibility: 12m
Maximum depth: 20m

Dive location



Beautiful coral reefs in the shallow waters of Manila Channel! We often go for trial diving.

Electric shell

In a large rock about 10 meters deep, there is a vaguely glowing Electric shell! It is not a deep place, so even a beginner diver can go to see it. When you get close to them, you can see their bright red tentacles and the way they shine is very beautiful.

However, it does not emit light by itself. It has light-reflecting cells, and the reflection of these cells looks as if it is running on electricity. youtube.com has an easy to understand video that looks like it is emitting light.

Pteria cypsellus

Exquisite spotted pattern is wonderful.

Coral anemone shrimp

It has clear, pale blue limbs.

Pygmy PipeHorse

It is a member of the seahorse.

A puffer fish met in the shallow water.

His chubby body is so cute!

If you like the coral reef scenery, you can swim along the land. If you want to enjoy coral and macro, you can go to the sandy beach.

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