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I want to see Jowfish egg! Sometimes it was cold, but I could see a crisp blue view. Puerto Galera’s diving Log in St. Christopher Wreak on Apiri 2015.


It is sometimes cold, but the clarity at 15m depth has become clearer. It’s hard to see the egg in the mouth of a jawfish 🙁

Diving Point: St. Christopher Wreak
Weather: Clear/No wind
Water temperature: 27°C
Flow: A little.
Visibility: 15m
Maximum depth: 20m

Dive location


Even without eggs, I can’t help but look at them because they are so cute.
The remnants of a wreck where living things gather. You can often find sweetlips and red snapper accumulating on the larger boats.
And places like this. It looks like a crucifix!
The red color of this goby catches your eye.
How many different types of shrimp are in the waters of Puerto Galera?
Small nudibranchs that we can’t stop looking for.
There were many red-eye gobies on the coral! It’s small and difficult to shoot. It’s a popular item in Japanese photography. It’s a cute little goby with a clear body and bright red eyes!
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