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The weather continues to make me want to jump in the ocean! This is a dive where we saw a blue frogfish on the wreck. Puerto Galera’s diving Log in Sabang Wreak on May 2015.


In the afternoon it’s the familiar Sabang Wreak. The sea is gradually turning blue and when I walked in the daytime, I wanted to go into the sea! The weather continues to get better and better.

Diving Point: Sabang Wreak
Weather: Sunny
Water temperature: 27°C
Flow: A little bit of current.
Visibility: 15m
Maximum depth: 20m

Dive location


I’ve come here many times, but I never get bored of it. There are many Yellowfin Damselfish around the wreck!
This is a giant frogfish at the wreck under the buoy’s rope, about 20cm. I was hoping to see the predation scene, so I observed it for a while, but I couldn’t.
It’s hard to tell anymore when you take a picture a short distance away from where the frogfish was. Do you find where he is?
I took a picture of striped eel catfish for some reason. I’ve never had any interest in them before, but I hear they are delicious when eaten. If you’re a fisherman, you know it’s popular.
Go ahead, eel catfishs. This is a photo from my previous night dive here in Sabang Wreak. When I was taking a picture of the seamoth, I was surprised when it came very close to me. It’s also interesting to see the creatures of the night!
I think it’s a kind of redface dwarfgoby. I feel like I see a lot of them, especially when I go to Sabang Wreak. It’s not uncommon, but if you like it, you can take a picture because there are many of them in coral and wrecks.
The sea cucumber shrimp attached to the big sea cucumber. It’s even more interesting when you can find it for yourself.
A cute nudibranch that looks like a dog. 🐶
Back in shallow water, there is a beautiful coral here too.
Exiting near a floating bar with a slide!
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