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I came across a beautiful Coleman’s Shrimp! Puerto Galera’s diving Log in La laguna Point on May 2015.


It’s been a great day for diving. On this day, we went to La Laguna Point, where we often go in the afternoon for fun dives. The coral landscape is also beautiful and relaxing.

Diving Point: Lalaguna Point
Weather: Clear/No wind
Water temperature: 30°C
Flow: A little bit of current.
Visibility: 15m
Maximum depth: 16m

Dive location


This is a briefing map of La Laguna Point.
This is a juvenile of the Intermediate cardinalfish. we call it “SudareYaraiIshimomchi” in japanese. It’s fun to take a picture first and then look at it with a picture book later to find out the difference between similar fishes.
It was a black and white sea animal about 1 meter long that was wriggles along out of a hole in the sand. What is that!?
This is an orange and black sea lobster.
This is a Fujinami nudibranch that I spotted in the rubble. The color is beautiful.
There is a beautiful pair of Coleman’s Shrimps at about 15m depth. If you’re curious, be sure to request it from the dive shop!
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