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With the strong current, the Spotted Ray also flew by! Puerto Galera’s diving Log in Canions on May 2015.


I’m sure you have a lot of fans here! We went diving at Canyons in Puerto Galera. I was expecting the current, but it wasn’t so good… , But suddenly a strong current came in and we crawled on, grabbing the ground. A very excited fun dive!

Diving Point: Canyons
Weather: Sunny
Water temperature: 28°C
Flow: Weak to strong!
Visibility: 15m
Maximum depth: 27m

Dive location


A frogfish found in the early divetime. It was a more orangey color and it was cute.
The Canyons is a dynamic landscape that continues to grow and grow. Just past this view and boooom! and flowed.
The tide was strong, so we didn’t swim too much, but just enjoyed holding on to the ground. There were a lot of big migratory fish such as the butterfly fish in the shade of a rock, though it was not taken in a photograph. It was a powerful landscape!
I looked down and found him grabbing the ground, right next to my left hand. This is a horned sea slug. You don’t have to take pictures when the current is this strong, LOL😵
Photo by ABWonderdive ダイブコンピューターをちら見して、もうぼちぼちかぁ・・・なんて思っていた時に、ビューーーン!!!と後ろから飛んできました!
We glanced at the dive computer and thought we were go up soon… And then, boom! here was a Spotted Ray flying in from behind! It’s so fast, so instantaneous! Super excited. Of course, if you go to a dive site other than Puerto Galera, the odds of seeing it are good. But it’s good because you see it here in the Canyons. I’m sure there are people like that.
Photo courtesy of AB Wonder Dive. I can’t believe you took it at that speed!
Move to the shallow end of the depth. You can feel the seaweed writhing in the current?
The sight of the migratory fish swimming against the current was worth seeing!

The dive time is short, but there is no better feeling than the elation after a hard dive! When the current is weak, you can go back to the shallows and relax at the divesite Hole in the wall.

This doesn’t convey any power at all? If that’s the case, head to Canyons for a dive. It is a point that can be enjoyed on both weak and strong tides. Oh, that was fun!

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