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Wide, macro, drift! Or wrecks and technicals! Enjoy a variety of dives in Puerto Galera!


Hello, I’m Takuya!
This time, I’m going to talk about the sea here in Puerto Galera and the diving style that I felt as a diving instructor in Japan.

The name Puerto Galera is gradually making its way into the Japanese market. Did you know that this is one of the world’s very famous holy places for technical diving? As well as the high prevalence of Nitrox, you can often find European divers carrying rebreathers on their backs.

We often see DIN valves, which are not so familiar in Japan. Anyway, I felt that there was a wide range of diving styles in this sea.

First of all, of course, if you love the ocean, everyone loves the wide ocean!

It is very rare to see a school of spadefish gathering at the wreck of the Aroma Jane. We’re in the ocean of the world! It’s a great way to get a sense of what it’s all about.

And more macros!

As an Izu diver in Japan, I think the macro at Puerto Galera is amazing. If you’re a macro or photo diver, the variety of life is enough to make you salivate. I can’t wait! Nudibranchs, gobies, and crustaceans are all available.

More encounters with wrecks.
It’s romantic, and it tickles a man’s heart. This area is called Savanrek, and it’s good enough for a Point D open water license.

And what impressed me the most was this girl! It’s FLAMBOYANT CUTTLEFISH! This was exciting. It was beautiful.

interested in the nearby Pipe fish than in the squid, saying, “I’ve never seen anything like it! He was so excited! The interest in rare creatures is varied from all over the world.

In the evenings, we would have drinks with divers from many different countries and talk about their diving styles, creatures and equipment.

I felt that people from many different countries like diving and love the sea.

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