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Diving cruise from Puerto Galera to Apo Reef, West Mindoro Island! 6 days and 5 nights, including diving, room and board.


The macroscopic dives of Saban Beach are also an attraction, but for repeat guests, a dive cruise to and from Puerto Galera is a great option.

We really wanted to take a cruise to Tubbataha Reef, but it didn’t fit our schedule, so we decided to leave for Apolief this time!

4 days of intense diving, 15 dives in total. I have been enjoying the apo reef with great transparency. If you are able to communicate in English, you can join the cruise at a relatively reasonable price.

Cruise Facilities

Dolphinbay Beachfront Resort
This is a resort in Puerto Galera with a hotel and dive shop. You can stay before or after the cruise, or use the hotel only.

It is located between the center of Puerto Galera and Saban Beach. You’ll need a tricycle or motorcycle to get around.

Staff Language

English, German, Tagalog, etc. (Japanese is not acceptable)
The guide and crew are mostly Filipinos and they speak English.

The cost of a cruise

45,000 Philippine pesos / 890 euros (tour fee and local payment)
2,400 Philippine pesos (Apollof environmental tax)
*Prices in 2016. check new price.

Diving fees, meals, drinks, and room charges are included in the above expenses.Diving equipment rental is a separate charge and reservation is required.


Aporeef Tour from Puerto Galera (5 nights, 4 days)

Day 1
Dinner: Meet at the resort at around 15:00 in the evening and depart.
We will be traveling to Apollof on the night of departure. When you wake up, the sea is blue!

Day 2
Meal: Morning / Noon / Night / 4 dives (early morning + sunset)

Day 3
Meals: Morning / Noon / Night / 4 dives (early morning + night)

Day 4
Meals: Morning / Noon / Night / 4 dives (early morning + night)

Day 5
Meal: Morning / Noon / Night / 3 dives (early morning)

We will return to Puerto Galera after the last day of diving. The next morning after a good night’s sleep, we arrived at Puerto Galera.

Photos of the diving cruise

ApoReefs with excellent transparency and width. You can see white-tip, black-tip, Napoleon fish, manta rays, barracudas, long-nosed trevally and more. If you’re lucky, you’ll even see a hammerhead!

If you can’t find the big fish, why not look at the fish around you? I noticed beautiful butterfly fish, spectacled gombe, and juveniles. The isobana along the drop-off is also beautiful.

We had a lot of meals on the cruise. There were a lot of vegetables on the menu, all of which would suit a Japanese palate.
There is also pasta, cordon bleu, fried fish, and a BBQ for the final dinner. The morning after an early diving is very delicious.

A view of the ship. Your diving equipment and wetsuits can be dried on the deck. The dive will be a giant stride entry from the rear of the boat. The Filipino staff will help you with your exits every time, so you can rest assured.

There aren’t a lot of rooms, but two beds will be the basic room. Air conditioning, fans and fresh water showers are also available.

We even ran into a school of dolphins on the move! The coral can be seen through to the bottom while anchored.

You can also take a break from diving, so you can enjoy it according to your physical condition. You can even take a rubber boat for a walk to a nearby island.

After the cruise, you can get a souvenir t-shirt only at the souvenir shop!

The good things about an Aporeef cruise

*You can enjoy 50 to 60 minutes of diving each time. They also listen to guests’ requests in the early morning and at night.

*A hearty & delicious meal!

*You can have a variety of drinks and snacks including beer at your disposal.

*I made a direct enquiry a few days before my departure, but luckily there was a room available for me this time and they responded.

*We didn’t have any problems with food or diving in particular, but if you have any special needs, it is recommended to inquire and bring your own.

Future Cruise Schedule at Dolphinbay

Schedule for 2020/2021

The tour schedule seems to be updated every time, so check it out.
Full charter is also available, so it’s worth consulting!

During the high season tours are offered to Aporeef Tubbataha Reef, but it seems that snorkeling and BBQ tours can be arranged in the vicinity of Puerto Galera at other times of the year.

If you’re curious, contact Dolphin Bay Resort for more information!

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