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How to buy tickets at the Port of Batangas to boarding! Take the ferry to Puerto Galera.


We often hear from people coming to Puerto Galera for the first time that the ferry transfer at Batangas port was difficult because they didn’t know what to do, so we wrote this article. If you’re considering a trip in the future, please check it out!

When we arrive at the port of Batangas.

Once you arrive at Batangas Port by car or bus from Manila, the next step is to buy your ticket. Upon arrival at the port, follow the flow of locals to the ticket office on foot. The distance is about 5 to 10 minutes.


As soon as we got to port, “Puerto Galera?” Many Filipinos call out to me and say, If you’re going to say “yes” at the time, be aware that your baggage will be carried like a bucket relay and you’ll be asked to tip each time. (Some people seem to have paid a total of 1000 pesos before buying the ticket…)

Buy a ferry ticket.

There are many sales booths when you arrive at the ticket office. First, head to the ticket office at the far end of the 1 to Puerto Galera.

Ticket price
“RED” To the Port of Muelle / 300 pesos
“BLUE” To the Port of Baratello / 250 pesos
*As of January 2019

The current ferry timetable changes frequently. It’s a good idea to check with your resort before you travel.


There is no ticket to “To Puerto Galera”. Purchase tickets to “To Muelle” or “To Balatero” at the ticket office.

Buy a terminal ticket

There is a terminal ticket office in the front, behind the boarding ticket office. This is where you purchase your terminal ticket (and pay the terminal fee).

Terminal usage fee/30 pesos
*As of January 2019

Enter the terminal

The entrance to the terminal is on your right behind the terminal ticket office.

When you enter, there is a luggage check and a body check, and after passing through that, you will be in the waiting area. The boats to Puerto Galera (to Murie and Baratello) leave from “Gate 3”, so make sure you know where they are and wait for directions!


Restrooms are located at the rear of Terminal 3. It is clean, but there are no tissues available, so we recommend that you bring your own.

Come on aboard!

When it is time to embark, the announcement will be made in the building. There are people gathering at Gate 3…! If you’re wondering, just grab your ticket and ask the staff. If the boat is different from the one you are on, they will tell you that it is not the same boat.


It’s very cold inside the terminal and on the ship with air conditioning! It is recommended that you bring a jacket.

If you’re still worried about it, this is a package plan with a tour guide!

There are also bus + ferry packages from Manila that can be booked over the Internet. It is recommended for first time visitors because the tour guide will accompany you.

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