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How to get to the Sabang District (Sabang Beach and Small & Big La Laguna) from the Port of Muelle and how to get there.


There used to be a “Sabang Port-bound” boat that could go directly from Batangas Port to Sabang Beach, but that has been discontinued since July 2018.

Presently, transportation within Puerto Galera is based on arriving at the “Port of Murrier or Port of Baratello” and then moving to the respective resorts and areas.

How to get from Murie Port to Saban Beach

There are 4 ways to get around. The bunker boat can be moved by the sea breeze and enjoy the view.

1. bunker boat (moving the sea!)
3.Motorbike taxi

Go by bunker boat.

There are many small bunker boats perched in Murrier Harbor. It is recommended for those who have a lot of luggage because it takes you to the seaside resort hotel right in front of you. This is the most convenient way to get around, especially if you are staying at the “Small La Laguna” resort hotel.

There are fixed boat prices for each area from Murie Harbour. There is no hassle of haggling over the price, no haggling, no haggling, and you can ride with peace of mind.

To Saban Beach:400 pesos
To Small La Laguna:350 pesos
To Big La Laguna:300 pesos

Operating hours
Public ferry from Batangas in operation

Moving on in a tricycle.

A “tricycle” is a vehicle with a riding basket on the right side of the bike. A lot of tricycle drivers are calling out to us as we leave the harbor. The fee will be slightly higher or lower depending on the amount of luggage.

Fare guide
Sabang Beach : 150 pesos
Big La Laguna : 200 pesos

※To get to Small La Laguna, take a tricycle to Sabang Beach and walk for about 15 minutes.

Operating hours
24 hours

Moving on a motorbike.

If you don’t have a lot of luggage, a cheap and fast bike ride is also recommended.

Fare guide
Sabang Beach: 100 pesos
Big La Laguna: 150 pesos

*To get to Small La Laguna, take a tricycle to Sabang Beach and walk for about 15 minutes.

Operating hours
24 hours

We’ll be traveling in a gypney.

This jeepney is recommended for those who have less luggage and more time! It’s about a 5-minute walk from the port of Murie to the jeepney ramp. Go up the slope toward the left with Murie Port in the background. It is located in the city, so it is a little difficult to understand, but there are many Filipinos on the road during the daytime, so if you ask “Where is the jeepny station?” they will kindly tell you.

Sabang Beach: 20 pesos

*To get to Small La Laguna & Big La Laguna, take the tricycle to Sabang Beach and walk for about 15 minutes.

Operating hours
6:00am – 5:00pm (departures every 20 minutes)

Figuring out how to get around is part of the fun!

If you are using overland transportation other than bunker boats, you will not stop at any stop other than the one on the main road. From there, you will have to walk through narrow alleys and beaches to get to your destination.

There are many ways to get around, so please choose the one that suits your needs!

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