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I went to the new leisure spot “Infinity Farm Resort”!


Hello everyone, my name is Misuzu Hata and I am a trainee Japanese instructor at Orient Pearl Resort Dive Center starting in November 2019.

I would like to share with you the Puerto Galera that I saw and felt with my own eyes, so please take care of it!

Go to Infinity Farm Resort in the direction of Karapan!

In this issue, we’ll be taking a look at Puerto Galera’s new activity spot, the Infinity Farm Resort. Infinity Resort & Spa, the most luxurious hotel in Puerto Galera in Talipanan area, is famous for its beauty as it is an affiliated resort.

What’s the location?

Infinity Farm can be reached in just under an hour and a half, approximately, by driving from the port of Murie in the direction of Karapan.

Introduction of Facilities

It’s so beautiful! It is indeed a resort. The entrance fee is only 200 pesos for such a beautiful place! It’s cheap…

Nature is a pleasant spot!

And what can I say, it’s a magnificent valley. I thought it was cool, but it’s still November. When I dipped my feet in the water, I felt a little cold. It would be nice to have something to wear!

There is also a bridge where couples and married couples lock each other’s locks, such as the “L♡VE LOCK BRIDGE”. Stecky!

The water is also very clean! It was raining, but it wasn’t muddy at all.

Recommended Meals.

After playing in the river or hiking in the valley, you can enjoy BOODLE FIGHT, which is a barbecue with your hands. This is for 10 people, and it’s 1500 pesos! It’s only 150 pesos per serving, so it’s cheap!

SET A is BBQ style at 1500 pesos and SET B is fried food style at 1700 pesos.

You can also buy snacks and beer at reasonable prices at the nearby concession stand.

Infinity Farm serves up authentic Filipino food. It’s so affordable and so delicious!

And finally, a commemorative photo!

And at the exit, there is a large fruit assortment object. It’s so photogenic in the Philippines! Both adults and children can enjoy a full day of river play, hand-grabbing BBQ, and canyoning! There are staff everywhere and they look out for you, so it’s a relief.

What is the total cost?

This time, eight of us chartered a van from Murie and came back to Tamarao waterfall and mangrove park for less than 2000 pesos per person, which was enough to enjoy. Please check with your resort for details and prices.

Be sure to visit Puerto Galera’s new spot, Infinity Farm Resort, for a visit!

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