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KUTSINTA is a sticky and moist rice flour cake. Filipino Sweets to Eat in Puerto Galera


It’s not too sweet, but it’s just the right sweets for when you have a small appetite. It is not as soft as a rice cake, but it has a chewy texture.

It is an introduction of KUTSINTA (also called Kuchinta, Kutchinta or Cuchinta) of the Philippine sweets.

What kind of sweets?

KUTSINTA is a simple sweets made from rice flour, brown sugar, water, and lye. This is also a popular snack among Filipinos. They are often served on the table at birthdays and other events.

They are usually topped with coconut slices, but the one I had was a simple one with nothing on it. It’s generally brown in color with brown sugar. When I checked, some of them are purple and some are colored with the Philippine speciality purple potato (ube).

When you buy it freshly made, it is warm and slightly sweet. Personally, it’s also delicious chilled in the fridge!

Where can I buy it?

I found them at a store near the fresh food market in the center of Puerto Galera, where I bought them for 10 pesos for a bag of five.

Same as here, 10 pesos. They seem to sell for about 15 pesos in Sabang Beach.

It’s like a rice cake, a jelly, a cake. The refreshing sweetness of this dish is perfect. It’s also simple, so it’s worth eating and comparing!

My friend bought it from a vendor. It seems that many of the vendors are buying from the Mangyan tribe as well as the PUTO introduced in the previous article.

A taste of the Philippines that you can buy inexpensively. If you find one in Puerto Galera, you should definitely give it a try!

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