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“Shore it up!” An event report from the Puerto Galera marine trash cleanup!


On June 1 and 2, 2019, the Puerto Galera Diving Association hosted a beach and water cleanup in Puerto Galera, so here’s a report!


Under the slogan of “STORE IT UP!”, about 30 dive shops gathered and cleaned up underwater at the same time! Before the start of the event, there were greetings from the mayor and the head of the association, and it became a big event.

Shops that had applied for the web in advance were given out original rash guards!

Many boats from various diveshops gathered at Big Lalaguna Beach where the ceremony was held. Some diveshops have slogans on their boats.

Which shop will clean which area? What to pick up? How many minutes to dive? …and so on. Deciding on all the matters and then Start by.

There was a lot of trash in the water, from plastic bottles to fishing line and hoses.

The collected garbage is sorted and disposed of on land.

Let’s keep the oceans clean with our small kind mindset for oceans.

The problem of marine litter is a very big one. There’s also a problem with sea creatures eating plastic garbage. Picking up trash like this is a very important activity, but I hope that each of us will make a small effort not to litter and keep our oceans clean.

Puerto Galera Diving Association

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