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Some private boats on the Batangas – Sabang Beach route have been suspended.


Following the abolition of the public ferry last year, some private boat services between Batangas and Sabang Beach have been discontinued.

It has been decided that the private boats that used to dock directly from Luzon Island (Berberabé & Cimron in the suburbs of Batangas) to the resorts and the nearest jetties in Puerto Galera will no longer be able to operate by order of the authorities.

What’s banned for private operation at this time is a traditional Filipino bunker boat with a wooden outrigger hull, as you can see in the photo. There appears to be no problem with the private operation schedule for the speedboat, which has a fiber hull.

Please be advised by this. If you are staying at a hotel in Saban Beach or Big & Small La Laguna Beach in the future, or you are on a travel agency tour or dive shop tour, it is possible that your itinerary will change and your travel costs will increase.

I have a tour coming up…

An alternative to private boating is to take the “public ferry” from the port of Batangas to the port of Murie or Baratello.

If you take the public ferry, even if you arrive smoothly, you will lose 1 to 2 hours compared to the private transfer because of the waiting time at Batangas harbor and the transportation around the island.

It is highly likely that the original time schedule will change, so it is advisable to rearrange the schedule to allow for time loss.

Another alternative is a private transfer between Luzon and Puerto Galera resorts, conducted by a speedboat owned by each resort.

In this case, the response may vary depending on the travel agency and the resort you are staying at.

The following resorts offer private transfers for your peace of mind.

Local Resorts
Lalaguna Villas

We do not have any information about other travel agencies, tour companies and resorts.

Is there going to be no more convenient private boat transfers?

In the Small La Laguna area, it appears that several resorts are also planning to operate joint speedboats. However, it is expected that gasoline-consuming speedboats will be priced higher than they have been in the past.

If communal speedboats are decided to operate, they will be more expensive than the private boats we have been using, but the travel time will be reduced.

If there are no traffic jams, the day may come when you can get from the Manila airport to the resort in as little as two and a half hours. We’ll let you know when the decision is announced!

If you are planning to travel after July 2019, please check in advance as you may be notified of any changes to your itinerary!

There is also a package plan with bus and ferry escort!

There is also a Manila to Puerto Galera bus + ferry package that can be booked over the Internet. It is recommended for first time visitors because the tour guide will accompany you.

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