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My first solo trip to Puerto Galera by SI-KAT bus! I also stayed at the capsule hotel “The Wings” at Manila Airport Terminal 3.


We used to go to Sabang Beach with a chartered car and a bunker boat. This time, I went to Puerto Galera alone by SI-KAT Tourist Bus. Here’s a report on how it went down. *Apr 2016.

I flew Delta Airlines. The flight schedule is as follows.
Departure: April 25th, Departure from Narita 16:20 – Arrival at Manila 20:00
Return: April 30, Departure from Manila 08:00 – Arrival at Narita 13:25

I stayed at Citystate Tower Hotel to use SI-KAT bus. I made a hotel reservation and a pick-up and drop-off between the airport and the hotel with a Japanese travel agency in Manila.

After arriving at Terminal 3, immigration was quick and I was in the lobby for our meeting in no time. The driver greeted me with a panel with my name written on it in Japanese. Communicate in one language while going to the hotel!

Take the SI-KAT bus to Puerto Galera!

初めてのSI-KATバスでプエルトガレラ一人旅!マニラ空港ターミナル3のカプセルホテル「The Wings」にも宿泊。

The bus ticket office is on the ground floor of the Citystate Tower Hotel, next to the elevator. The day we arrived, it was late and there was no one at the counter, but we decided to go to bed to buy it in the morning.

初めてのSI-KATバスでプエルトガレラ一人旅!マニラ空港ターミナル3のカプセルホテル「The Wings」にも宿泊。

At breakfast, you could tell the front desk your room number and they would give you a food ticket. It is a buffet style meal in the restaurant at the back on the left.

初めてのSI-KATバスでプエルトガレラ一人旅!マニラ空港ターミナル3のカプセルホテル「The Wings」にも宿泊。

The bus ticket office was open at this time, so I bought a bus ticket to Puerto Galera without a hitch!

初めてのSI-KATバスでプエルトガレラ一人旅!マニラ空港ターミナル3のカプセルホテル「The Wings」にも宿泊。

The lady who was selling the tickets was our guide. The bus seat number is listed on the ticket, but on this day it was not full, so I was free to sit down. The bus arrived at Batangas Port smoothly. We followed the guide and he led us to the place where we paid the terminal fee. She gave us a boat number and we parted ways with the guide.

After waiting for a while at the entrance of Terminal 3 in Batangas, we boarded a bunker boat. I was a little nervous on my first SI-KAT bus, but it was easier to use than I expected.

Diving in Puerto Galera!

初めてのSI-KATバスでプエルトガレラ一人旅!マニラ空港ターミナル3のカプセルホテル「The Wings」にも宿泊。

After arriving at Sabang Beach, we enjoyed two days and a total of six dives. At the slightly deeper wrecking point, batfish are welcoming us. After making one lap around the ship and checking the residual pressure, we went inside the ship. The guide checks each diver’s divecomputer to make sure that no decompression sign are given and we surfaced slowly. Boat ride back to the resort for a break.

初めてのSI-KATバスでプエルトガレラ一人旅!マニラ空港ターミナル3のカプセルホテル「The Wings」にも宿泊。

I also dived at Monkey Beach and Canyons, but unfortunately the clarity was not very good this time. However, there are a variety of creatures to see, from macroscopic nudibranchs , turtles, giant frogsfish and more, so every time I visit Puerto Galera, I have a great time diving.

Puerto Galera’s diving style is you can get to return to own room at the resort after each dive. It was very easy to dive for us because the point was so close.

Stay at the capsule hotel “The Wings” at Manila Airport Terminal 3.

初めてのSI-KATバスでプエルトガレラ一人旅!マニラ空港ターミナル3のカプセルホテル「The Wings」にも宿泊。

In the blink of an eye, our stay in Puerto Galera ended and we left Sabang Beach in the afternoon on the last day of our stay, arriving at the Manila airport in the evening. Until my flight tomorrow morning, I tried to stay at the capsule hotel “The Wings” in Terminal 3 of Manila Airport, which I had been wondering about for a while.

The location of the hotel is on the 4th floor of the airport, but it’s a little hard to tell. I had time to check in, so I took a look at the shops and restaurants in the airport and got a massage. I had Japanese Ramen for dinner… and it was a failure!😵

The capsule hotel costs 1,000 pesos per night. You can choose from three time zones: 00:00 to 07:30, 08:00 to 15:30, and 16:00 to 23:30. *As of 2016.

My hotel reservation was from 00:00 to 7:30, but my check-in was at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, so I asked “can I get in early?”, and they said it would be OK from 22:00!

Capsule hotels in Japan have lockers for your luggage and clothes, but this one doesn’t have lockers. Amenities are provided, but changing of clothes is done in the capsule.

If you have Large luggage, can be left at the front desk. I woke up at 5am, had take shower and coffee, and checked out. There was even a place to get a free snack!

There are rooms for groups and families, and I think this hotel is convenient for early morning flights and late night flights.

This time, I was able to spend the trip by myself from the airport, by SI-KAT shared bus and bunker boat, but I enjoyed it safely. It makes me want to go back to the fun Puerto Galera!

Text by Shoji Morisawa

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