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Singkamas is a vegetable with a crispy texture. It’s a must-eat when you’re in the Philippines!


Singkamas is a tropical vegetable that I learned about when I first came to Puerto Galera, like a fruit vegetable. It is a refreshing food with a slight sweetness. This vegetable is in season during the hot months of April, May and June.

According to my research, Singkamas is a legume vegetable native to Mexico. It is often eaten in Mexico and other Asian countries, but I’ve never seen it in Japan. They are called “Singkamas” in the Philippines, but more commonly they are called “Jicama” in Spanish.

We spotted this sycamore at Sabang Beach in Puerto Galera! A bunch of seven fist-sized Singkamas is 30 pesos. I’ve heard it’s a little cheaper at the market in the center of Puerto Galera.

Let’s try it!

The appearance is close to that of a potato.

This is what it looks like when you peel it off. It looks like a potato after all.

You can eat it as it is or use it as a salad. There is no insistence on the taste, so you can go with anything!

Here’s how I tried my hand at eating Singkamas.

*As is in a slice.
*Keep it simple with only rock salt.
*rock salt and pepper
*Rock salt + olive oil

It’s almost like eating a green mango with salt in Asia.

Here’s a recipe I tried for Singkamas.

*Butcher potatoes!
*Japanese Kinpira!
*It on the Filipino bagoon!

If you think it’s a substitute for potatoes, you’ll feel a little weird eating it.

When I tried to make it into a meat potato. It doesn’t look too different from the outside, but when you eat it, it’s quite refreshing. By the way, potatoes are best for curry…

The last one is with bagoon. Bagoon is a Filipino condiment that looks like salted fish. I think there are some likes and dislikes to this seasoning, but I’m pretty fond of it.

This is an ingredient that is rarely eaten in Japan. They are high in water, high in fiber and low in calories, so they are a great alternative to a sweet snack.

They’re very inexpensive, so if you find them in Puerto Galera, give this Singkamas a try!

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