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“OYO 407 SM Travelodge in Batangas” if you want to stay in a clean and affordable hotel in Batangas the day before you enter Puerto Galera!


We stayed at the OYO 407 SM Travelodge, an affordable and clean hotel in Batangas, Philippines! We recommend going straight from Manila to Batangas and staying one night the day before you cross over to Puerto Galera.

If you arrive at the Manila airport by plane and can’t get to Batangas by 5pm, you can’t go straight to Puerto Galera during that day unless you charter a private flight. It’s not easy to charter a boat when you travel independently.

I didn’t want to get tired of not being able to sleep, so this time I went straight to Batangas, slept slowly and then went to Puerto Galera first thing in the morning.

Recommended for the following people!

  • I don’t want to stay in Manila! The person who says.
  • Who wants to get to Puerto Galera first thing in the morning.
  • If you want to go sightseeing in Batangas or stop by the big supermarkets.

Hotel Name.

OYO 407 SM Travelodge


Barangay Tingga Labac, Batangas, Philippines 4200

Accommodation costs

Standard Double / Check the current amount!
I booked at LateRooms.com for $US40, but I paid locally in Philippine pesos and used Visa, Master and other credit cards! This day (April 1) fell on Holy Week, a national holiday in the Philippines, so the price fluctuations may have been right. Be sure to check the prices before you go.

Convenient services for travel

Tricycle transfer is available, free of charge to SM Market and free of charge to Batangas Port for Php 300. The hotel’s male staff waited for us every time we arrived! The amount may vary.

How to get there?

If you are traveling by private van from Manila, you can go to the hotel directly. For those traveling by local bus, instead of going to the port in Batangas, get off at the city roundabout or bus terminal and take a jeepney or tricycle to your hotel. The location is easy to understand as it is close to a large supermarket “SM Hypermarket”.

About the room

The standard room where I stayed. I could see the Japanese channel on the TV!

The room was simple but clean and well kept. It’s pretty important in the Philippines.

No bathtub, but no water pressure issues! Hot showers were available at the hotel.

We had dinner at a room service restaurant which we don’t usually use because the time was getting late and it was too much trouble. A meal is about PHP120-350 per dish. All meals, drinks, desserts and additional amenities are available.

Pansit Canton, a classic Filipino dish: 150php
It was just plain good!

Vegetable salad: 120php
It comes with a sweet Filipino mayonnaise sauce. They were able to bring us both with proper plastic wrap!

The next morning, I got a peek at the executive room that was being cleaned, so I took a few pictures.
This is a good place to stay if you’re staying with more than one person…. It was a stylish room with an atmosphere. This executive room also has a bathtub!

From the terrace outside. If you have time to spare, you can take your time while taking a walk!

Breakfast is available at the restaurant, which is separate from the accommodation building. (It seems to be open at dinner too!) Breakfast will be charged separately.

It’s a Spanish omelet and ham morning, about Php 150-180. Both were delicious, as was room service.

Common space in the accommodation building

Even the stairs and details were kept clean!

If you’d like to see other photos, details, or see other people’s reviews, you can check it out on the following page!
Booking Details Page

Airport (by taxi) – Hilpuyat (by local bus) – Batangas, I arrived at the hotel after 20:00. The local move took a bit longer because we were moving from the evening. I was tired from moving around in the morning, but the next morning it was very easy. There was a little karaoke in the distance, but I was happy to get a good night’s sleep on this day. If you’re looking for a hotel in Batangas, this is the place to go!

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