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Filipino SUMAN made with coconut milk and glutinous rice / Filipino sweets at Puerto Galera


Eat some Filipino sweets in Puerto Galera! Suman is a traditional Filipino snack made with coconut milk and glutinous rice.

What is it Suman?

This is a traditional Filipino snack made with coconut milk and glutinous rice, and wrapped in banana leaves, called chimaki in Japan. You can feel a slight sweetness on its own, but when you eat it, you can add brown sugar or coconut milk sauce as a sweets.

They seem to vary in shape, but the one we ate this time was a rectangular sooman shaped like a Japanese cut rice cake. Some are wrapped in long, thin banana leaves, while others seem to be more like sticks.

Where can I buy it?

In Puerto Galera, they are found in markets and stalls and are sold by vendors. There are a variety of sizes, from small stick-shaped ones to sturdy ones as shown in the photo. I think you can buy one if you have 10-30 pesos.

Let’s try it!

It is a natural snack that is warm and smells like banana leaves. Remove the leaves and eat them.

The suman has a good rustic taste with the sweetness of coconut milk and the aroma of glutinous rice. The green part is just a transfer of color from the banana leaves, so you can eat it without worry.

Apparently, banana leaves have a sterilizing and antiseptic effect, and they can last for about a week in the Philippines in summer!

It is eaten with a sweet brown sugar and coconut milk sauce. This is delicious!

It’s a snack, but inside is glutinous rice. It’s pretty bloated, so one is enough. A trip to Puerto Galera will also give you a taste of Filipino culture. If you find one, please give it a try!

If you want to take Suman home as a souvenir, check out this page too!

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