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The first thing I want to show you is the view. In Puerto Galera, you can see the most beautiful sunsets.


Hello! I’m Takuya! Well, now that you’ve finished your greetings, here’s the second one. It was very annoying.

Let’s talk about the people of this land, the jolly Filipinos, or the diving style and the creatures to be seen. Or we could talk about food, drinks, noteworthy activities and events. I was troubled.

I thought about it a lot, but first I would like to tell you about the charm of this sunset.

The story of the sunset. The photo above is a view from the rooftop of Orient Pearl Resort. The air is moist after an evening shower in the rainy season, and it’s great.

You can enjoy the sunset with various expressions from various places in this Puerto Galera. I have seen many breathtaking sunsets that seem to stop time in this land.

If you want to share the beautiful sunset with people from various countries, White Beach is the place to go.

It is indeed a tropical resort. There’s nothing like the luxury of a beer in hand and enjoying the slow flow of time until the sun goes down.

Here in White Beach, they have a fag show. This is another great one! This place made me more popular than I’ve ever been in my life with a faggot. Let’s talk about that later!


If you want to have some quiet time alone and forget about everything on the deserted beach, this is the place. Boquete Beach.

This is a beautiful lake-like beach with no waves because it is inside the bay.

And underfoot, the sweet-smelling plumeria that colors the beach.

It’s a bit hackneyed, but the phrase “laundry of life” fits very well. For example, the scenery that comes to mind that I want to show to my family, my girlfriend, and other loved ones first and foremost is this scenery.

I was moved every day by the changing colors of the sky, even in the case of a single sunset. Please go out with San Miguel in hand at the end of the day!

So, I would like to introduce the “sunset” this time. Stay tuned for the next one!!!

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