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Also recommended at night. A small hydroelectric generator has been installed at the Puerto Galera tourist attraction Tamaraw Falls!


Tamarao Falls, a tourist attraction, is now lit up!

A project of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has installed a small hydroelectric generator from Tokushima Prefecture’s Kita Kikai sangyo Corporation at Tamarao Falls in Puerto Galera.

The drinking water purification system, 10 LED street lights, and electric tricycles are powered by electricity generated by the waterfall’s hydraulic power.

Small hydroelectricity

This is a small hydroelectric generator installed by Kita Kikai Sangyo Co. This is a type that makes use of the drop in water to generate a maximum of 5kw.

This is a small hydroelectric generator installed by Anan National College of Technology! The power of the water flowing sideways generates a maximum of 1kw.

Hydroelectric pipes run around the waterfall.

LED Street Light

LED street lights have been installed to ensure crime prevention and public safety for the neighborhood residents and tourists. These street lights illuminate the area around the tourist attraction even at night! Until now, it was pitch black, but now I can safely enjoy night sightseeing.

Drinking water purification system

Waterfall water is now drinkable by installing a drinking water purification system/water purification tank!

From now on, you will be able to drink safe drinking water at Tamarao Falls.

Drinking good water, I’m smiling involuntarily! This clean drinking water is handed out to the neighborhood. The electric tricycles of Uzushio Electric Company of Ehime are used to distribute this water.

Electric tricycle

This generator can even be used to charge an electric tricycle. This electric tricycle is said to cost 300,000 pesos at the moment! Right now, it’s very expensive for local tricycle drivers, so it’s hard to introduce them, but maybe one day, electric tricycles will run through the streets of Puerto Galera.

Previous articleElectric tricycles to be introduced at Puerto Galera’s City Hall! There was a rumor that it was being used only near Tamarao Falls. The electric tricycle with the logo stickers of Japan, JICA and Puerto Galera City is a must see!

Cooperation of Puerto Galera Community Residents

With the Philippine sun shining brightly, many local residents gathered for this project to work together for the installation.

At the completion of the construction, we all took a photo at the entrance of the waterfall which was lit up!

Finally, we took a commemorative photo with the Puerto Galera City staff and construction workers who are now operating in Tamarao Falls!

The project has installed security streetlights to provide clean drinking water, and the tricycles are recharged with hydroelectric power, which is used to distribute water to residents.

There are still many unelectrified areas in Puerto Galera on Mindoro Island. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to secure a lifeline for the people of the country with Japanese technology without destroying nature, isn’t it?

Even if you’ve already been there, you can still enjoy a different atmosphere if you visit in the evening. If you’re ever in Puerto Galera, be sure to go there!

If you’d like to know more about small hydroelectricity, here’s what you need to know.
Blog of Kita Machine Industry Co.

Small Hydropower Project Participating Companies

Tokushima : Kita Kikai Kogyo Corporation(small hydroelectric power generation)

Tokushima: Anan National College of Technology (Hydropower Development)

Tokushima : Tozai Electric Works Co.

Ehime:Uzushio Electric Corporation(Electric Tricycle)

Kagawa: Shikoku Electric Power Company (Mindoro Island Electric Power Company)

Kochi: Orient Pearl Resort (base camp)

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