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Tribal Hills Nature Park & Hotel Resort is a new activity spot in Puerto Galera!


Introducing Puerto Galera’s new activity spot, the TRIBAL HILLS NATURE PARK! It opened a year ago, but I stumbled across a poster and thought, “This looks interesting!” and visited.

What activities can I enjoy?


It is a trail circuit course built around the park. It’s a great way to enjoy the wilderness!

It’s an uneven course with hills, zigzags and suspension bridges.
大自然のドライブコースを堪能!Enjoy a great natural driving course!


It is a 10-meter high athletic course that moves with a harness. Even adults can have a surprising amount of fun!

The wobbling sky circuit was scarier than it looked.
But more than that, it’s fun!!
The harness is also a great safety measure. And a bellyful of coconut juice!


There is also a lower course that can be enjoyed by everyone, even small children.

Children and those who are afraid of heights will be fine.

There is also a cottage where you can enjoy camping and BBQ.

The BBQ space is surrounded by nature.


If you’re looking for a great deal of fun, the package plan is a great deal.

Package A

・ATV MOUNTAIN TREKKING (45 minutes in Nature Park)
Sky Circuit (30 minutes)
@1,000 pesos per person

Package B

・ATV MOUNTAIN TREKKING (90 minutes in Nature Park + public roads)
Sky Circuit (30 minutes)
@1,500 pesos per person

And a resort where you can stay and eat!

Tribal Hills Mountain Resort, a hotel and restaurant, is also located about 1 km from Tribal Hills Nature Park.

The exterior of the restaurant.
Here’s a look at the beautiful restaurant.
You can overlook from the restaurant to the beach from Aninuang to Talipanang!

Hotel facilities and rooms

This is a picture of the spacious Pention Suite room. There are 15 other rooms in total, including a standard room and a deluxe room.
Each room has a balcony overlooking the majestic Mount Malasimbo!
There’s also a pool where you can relax surrounded by greenery!

Learn more about Tribal Hills Mountain Resort & make a reservation

Make a reservation on the online.


TRIBAL HILLS NATURE PARK and Tribal Hills Mountain Resort are both located in the Aninuan area, but it is not recommended to go there by yourself as the path to the nature park is very difficult. There are two ways to get there by the free shuttle bus.

1. First, go to Tribal Hills Mountain Resort and take a shuttle bus from there.

It will take you to the Tribal Hills Mountain Resort in the Aninuane area. There is a free transfer from the resort.

You’ll find the Tribal Hills Mountain Resort at the right-hand bend in the national highway.
At this marked alley, turn left from the national highway and you will find Tribal Hills Mountain Resort.

2. Go to Tribal Hills Cafe on the national highway in White Beach and take shuttle bus to and from there.

Free transportation is available from the cafe on the national highway in White Beach.

The exterior of the Tribal Hills Cafe along the White Beach National Highway.
The shuttle bus in the photo will take you to and from the hotel.

If you are staying at a hotel, please check the following page because there is also a pick-up service from the port.

Keep an eye out for more activities to come!

They will continue to add more activities in the future. Be sure to visit some of the most popular activity spots in the wilderness.

On this day, the owner, Owen Cook, took us on a tour of the place!


Tribal Hills Nature Park

Tribal Hills Mountain Resort

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