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Great for moving multiple people. Traffic in Puerto Galera by Tricycle.


Let’s move Puerto Galera in a tricycle!

What is a Tricycle? The term refers to a motorcycle with a sidecar that can be seen all over the Philippines. It is treated the same as a taxi.

Recommended for the following people

  • Rides where you can get off wherever you want or negotiate with the driver are good!
  • I’m not sure if Habal Habal (motorbike taxi) will fall over…
  • It’s a multi-person move, so I want to split it up and move!

It is a popular mode of transportation for getting around Puerto Galera. It’s not recommended to use it in Manila, but it’s a relatively safe ride in Puerto Galera.

I think that it is easy to challenge the one who thought “A geographical feeling is not understood, and the market price is not well understood…”. In Puerto Galera, there are few extreme bottlenecks because there is an approximate market price. It’s hard for foreigners to get a fully localized ride, but if you have more than one person, it’s easy to split the cost.

I use this service when I want to get off at an individual place or when I want to wait for someone at a tourist destination. It’s a good idea to ask the hotel staff or someone you know to take it.

Only Tricycle or Haval Haval (motorbike taxi) will be used for night time travel.

How to Ride a Tricycle

  • Sit in the sidecar if you’re up to two people. My buttocks are a little wobbly.
  • If there are three people, one of them will sit sideways behind the driver. There is not enough space to cross the right foot.
  • Some Filipinos are riding above the ceiling of the sidecar or in the rear loading bay, but please don’t do that because it’s dangerous.

Approximate cost and ride time (one way)

Saban Beach to the center of Puerto Galera (Murie)
Approximate ride time: about 15 minutes
Approximate cost: daytime/about 150-200php, nighttime/about 200-250php

Sabang Beach to White Beach
Approximate ride time: 35 to 40 minutes
Approximate cost: daytime/about 400php, nighttime/about 500~php

White Beach to Central Puerto Galera (Murie)
Approximate ride time: about 20 minutes
Approximate cost: daytime/about 150-200php, nighttime/about 200-250php

The above is an approximate cost. If you negotiate with the driver, you can get a cheaper ride, or the driver will calculate the round-trip fare including the waiting time at the tourist sites.

As you wander around and pretend to be looking for transportation, the driver immediately calls out to you. Some travelers get along so well that they always ask the same driver!

If you’re told an exorbitant amount of money, switch to another tricycle instead of forcing yourself to negotiate a lower price so that you can have a fun trip!

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