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The Philippines is a tropical fruit! This is a view of a street vendor on Sabang Beach.


Tropical delights are cheap and delicious fruit. Isn’t that what many of you are looking forward to when you visit Puerto Galera?Here are some fruit stalls on the main street of Sabang Beach.

Where can I buy it?

It will open in the evening on Main Street in Sabang Beach.
Tropical fruits in the stores! Volume discounts can be negotiated.

Fruit prices in Sabang Beach

160 pesos/per kilogram

80 pesos/per kilogram

150 pesos / 1 piece

400 pesos/per kilogram

Star Apple
160 pesos/per kilogram

100 pesos/per kilogram

Guiyabano *Sour Sop
100 pesos/per kilogram

30 pesos / 1 piece

Ryugan *Longan
300 pesos/per kilogram

30 pesos / 1 piece

350 pesos / 1 piece

The above is a comparison of prices in Sabang Beach as of March 2019. Prices are a bit lower in Carapan City and in the fresh produce market within walking distance of Muelle Harbour.

Cheap and delicious, of course, are the mangoes! However, I think that the mangosteen is a little high from the price of goods in the Philippines. Watermelon and bananas are sometimes sold at special sales in Japan for this much.

That said, while prices do fluctuate depending on the season and area, it’s only in the tropical Philippines that you’ll be able to eat a wide variety of fresh fruit.

A rare and recommended fruit!

My recommendation is a fruit called “guayabano”. Some of you may know it by the name “Sour Sop”.

What is “Guiyabano” or “Soursop”?

This is the “guiyabano”.
Here is the cross section of the cut.
This is what the pulp looked like when I took it out.

Guiyabano has a unique texture. When chewed, the juice comes out of the soft, spongy, fibrous pulp. The taste is sweet and sour and strange, like yogurt. If you’re ever in Puerto Galera, you have to eat it!

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