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What kind of restaurants are there in White Beach? Stalls and local restaurants.


If you come to Puerto Galera, you must go to White Beach at least once. If you’re traveling from Japan, you’re probably wondering what you’re going to eat! In White Beach, you can enjoy the local atmosphere and enjoy the classic Filipino food.

What kind of food can you eat in White Beach?

There are many Filipino restaurants, but some of them serve pizza, sandwiches and other foods that are easy for Japanese people to eat. There are also many foreign tourists in White Beach, and depending on the menu, there is not a lot of sticky Filipino food.

Even if you are not good at seasoning, or have children, it is relatively easy to try.

Fast food and chain restaurants

TERMINAL is a fast food restaurant located near the harbor in White Beach.

There are many rice dishes, but there are also sandwiches available.

A restaurant called FOOD TRIP. There are many similar Filipino set menus here. The price is about 100 to 250 pesos per item.

It is located in the middle of White Beach and has tables with a view of the beach.

Local Filipino Restaurant

It has a set meal menu and is inexpensive. This sign has a menu that costs less than 100 pesos.

In addition to Filipino food such as “sizzling” “adobo” “sinigang”, there are restaurants where you can order a set menu for large groups. The set menu for five or six people on this billboard costs 750 pesos for pork sinigang, chapsui, fried chicken, soft drinks, and rice.

If you leave the hustle and bustle and head west, you’ll find a restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere.

You’ll find a variety of classic Filipino dishes.

BBQ and skewers

In the evening, the barbecue is lined up in front of each restaurant, and the smell of the barbecue begins to whet your appetite.

Pork and chicken. Vegetables and seafood will also be lined up. You can choose one of them on the spot and it will be baked in the restaurant.

Other / Stall type

There are also food and drink stands at various places on the beach.

Desserts like ice cream and halo halo make me want to eat them so badly when it’s hot! However, if you have a weak stomach or are concerned about hygiene, we recommend that you take extra care…

There were many Filipinos lined up at the stall. They sell burgers, hot dogs, kebabs and other snacks.

We’ve been lined up too! Kebab sandwiches at a reasonable price of 40 to 60 pesos.

As you can see, there are a lot of restaurants in White Beach. Depending on the restaurant, you can even eat while watching the fag shows and fire dances that take place in high season and on weekends right in front of you!

All of the photos shown were taken along the beach. Please take a look at the various shops while walking around and decide what to eat in White Beach!

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