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Eat some Mexican food in Puerto Galera! Lots of good cheese. “BADLADS” restaurant in the Port of Muelle.


The search for good food while traveling is essential for women’s travel. Traditional Filipino food is good, but how about Mexican food with a tangy sauce and lots of cheese? “BADLADS” is a Mexican restaurant located in the Port of Muelle in Puerto Galera.

Location of the BADLADS

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Badladz Beach Resort

A view of the restaurant

BADLADS is located on the east side of the Muelle Port ticket counter. It’s a short walk down a narrow street by the sea.

We arrived at BADLADS. It’s also a dive shop and hotel, with a restaurant on the ground floor serving Mexican food!

This is what it looks like when you go there at night. It’s a bit of a dim atmosphere, so it’s a good idea to use your phone or a light to illuminate your feet as you go.

The atmosphere of the restaurant. Students of the diving course and fun divers are gathered here. It’s said to be open from breakfast to dinner until about 9:00 p.m.


Here’s the menu you’ve been waiting for. This time we ordered it for dinner for two women.

The type of meat is either beef or chicken. You can choose between cheddar cheese or mozzarella! You can choose from three different sauces: tomato, jalapeño, and mango sauce.

TACO PLATE: 320 pesos

Two crispy tacos and a burrito set filled with beans, cheese, meat and rice.

Mozzarella is the cheese of choice. This dish also includes plenty of vegetables such as lettuce and tomatoes.

It’s a hearty plate with crispy tacos.

WET BURRITO: 380 pesos

A wet burrito is a Mexican dish with ingredients wrapped in a tortilla and topped with melted cheese.

The meat is beef and the cheese is mozzarella. It’s so hearty that you can’t eat it all by yourself!

I like spicy, so the jalapeño sauce is my choice.

Assorted cheese and ham: 250 pesos

This is an appetizer plate with two kinds of cheese, ham, salami, pickles, etc. All of them are pretty tasty!

With two plates and a cold dish, it’s too much for two women to eat!


I highly recommend BADLADS coffee. There are many shops that only serve instant coffee, but I’m glad they serve drip coffee for 55 pesos! Coffee time is also recommended while looking at the bay of Puerto Galera lined with yachts.

There are many others on the menu, but it’s a restaurant with great taste, volume and cospa. If you have come all the way from Sabang Beach or White Beach, you will be satisfied with this Mexican restaurant!

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