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A fresh food market in the heart of Puerto Galera, near Muelle port. This is the place to buy delicious fruits, vegetables, meat and fish!


Buy delicious fruit in the Philippines at local prices! You can’t go wrong with a long stay or your own BBQ. Here’s a look at a large fresh food market in the heart of Puerto Galera.

Recommended for the following people

*I want to enjoy the local shopping atmosphere of Puerto Galera!
*I want to eat some delicious Filipino fruit in my hotel room!
*We’re all having a barbecue, so I’m going to go grocery shopping!
*To stock up on groceries for an extended stay!

Fresh Food Market Map

How to get to the market

From the Port of Muelle, walk south along the road until you come to a split, then take the street on your left. The yellow building at the back left of the photo is the market.

Whether it’s a motorcycle or a tricycle, “Up to the market in Puerto Galera!” and they will take you there.

This is the entrance to the Puerto Galera Market in the yellow building.

The front view of the fresh food market. There are also fish and other items for sale in the front.

A view of the inside of the fresh food market. The market is lined with small shops and is crowded with people.

There are many fruit and vegetable shops in the area, with a meat shop in the foreground and a fish shop in the background.

Get your BBQn ready at the market!

If you want to buy meat, they sell it in quantities on the spot. Sausages are so easy to buy!

Noodles and seasonings can also be purchased in the store. There are many vegetables that you don’t see in Japan, so please take a walk and see them!

Across the street from the market is a deli shop. There are various Filipino dishes in the tray, about Php20-30 per dish. You can also put it in plastic and take it home.

How to buy groceries

It depends on the item, but in the Philippines, it is basically sold by weight.
How much do I owe you? They will tell you how much it costs per kilogram.How many stalks of okra or chili are needed, and how much is one garlic, etc.? Give them only the amount they want and ask them to weigh it and calculate the amount.

Summer vegetables such as okra and tomatoes can be purchased at reasonable prices. However, some things are more expensive than others in Japan! My favorite celery is expensive… They may even accept a discount, so be sure to challenge yourself when you buy a lot!

Prices fluctuate, but Philippine mangoes, the No. 1 fruit travelers want to eat, are usually around Php40-50 each. There are many heavy and filling mangoes in a row.

This was our introduction to the cheapest and most recommended fresh food market in Puerto Galera!

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