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Let’s have a beach picnic! BBQ lunch and snorkel at the popular Haligi Beach in Puerto Galera.


Haligi Beach in Puerto Galera is a great place to relax and snorkel with a BBQ lunch!

They say June is the low season in the Philippines, but the weather was clear on this day! Here’s what it looked like on June 9, 2015, when the temperature was a jittery 33 degrees!

Map of Haligi Beach

How do you get to Haligi Beach?

Island hopping tours and bunker boats depart from various locations in Sabang Beach Muelle Harbor.

We recommend a hassle-free tour that arranges lunch and a round trip bunker boat. Some hotels offer this tour, so please try to find one!

How long does it take?

It’s about 20 minutes from Sabang Beach and 10 minutes from Muelle Port. If the tour includes lunch, it will take about 5 to 6 hours after leaving in the morning.

How much does it cost to get there and back?

From Sabang Beach.
Only round trip bunker costs about 1,600-2,000 pesos per boat.

From the port of Muelle
Only the bunker round trip cost about 800 pesos per boat.

I think it should be considered in the budget of around 2,000-2,600 pesos per person where the tour with lunch is held. It’s a good idea to get more than one person together because it’s often too expensive for a small number of people.

The price may vary depending on the hotel or tour. It’s a bit of a hurdle, but it’s also possible to negotiate directly with a boater who will speak to you.

Is there a restroom or a shop?

There is a small shop on Haligi Beach. There are also a few souvenirs and a few drinks for sale. Beachside covered barbecue huts are available for 500 pesos large and 300 pesos small.

There is also a bathroom, but … it might be better not to use it because it is not very hygienic. If you have any other necessities, please bring your own. And don’t forget to snack on sunscreen and booze.

Photos of Haligi Beach


Click here for bunker boat costs from Murrier Harbour (as of June 2015). It’s also nice to be able to choose the place you want to go and go there casually with a free combination.


Harrighi Beach is lined with coral reefs on both sides of the beach, and you can snorkel on them.


Jump off the sand and into the ocean with your fins and mask!


The coral reefs you can see from the beach are very colorful and beautiful!


If you dive a little, you’ll get pictures like this!


Even if you just float around, you can relax and enjoy yourself.


A view of the water’s surface. Lots of beautiful fish!


The coral reef seen from the surface of the water is very beautiful. The beautiful view of the sea is soothing.


I still don’t want to go home! We also took a bunker boat back home.

There are not many tourists or people living here, so you can enjoy a private feeling. It is also recommended for a beach picnic with a lot of people. This was the introduction to the popular Haligi Beach, where you’ll want to stay forever.

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