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Now it’s business as usual! From Puerto Galera, we bring you the current (January 27, 2019) eruption of the Taal Volcano, Batangas Province.


The Taal Volcano in Batangas Province is one of the smallest volcanoes in the world, located on the opposite shore about 60 km from Puerto Galera.

The Taal volcano erupted on the afternoon of January 12, 2020, but there was no subsequent eruption of concern, and on January 26, two weeks later, the alert level was lowered from 4 to 3 (with reduced signs of a dangerous eruption).

On the day of the event, fumes and eruption sounds could be seen from Puerto Galera. But after the next day, it has converged. There was some volcanic ash fall, but that’s not happening now.

The move to Puerto Galera is as usual now!

Restrictions on the arrival and departure of aircraft from various countries were lifted the day after the eruption, and operations returned to normal.

In addition, there were no restrictions on land, boat or ferry sea routes, including the highway from Manila to Batangas, due to the eruption from the beginning, and travel to Puerto Galera was not significantly affected.

Will you be able to stay there?

Although the eruption of the Taal volcano has made a big splash in the news in Japan, the daily lives of residents, as well as tourist trips and diving in Puerto Galera, have not been damaged or affected.

A photo of Batangas as seen from Puerto Galera, two weeks after the eruption. The fumes are no longer rising.

The rainy season has come to an end in Puerto Galera and the heat has subsided to a pleasant season. I know many of you may be concerned about traveling from Manila, but don’t worry, there were no restrictions from the beginning and it’s business as usual in Puerto Galera!

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