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Frogfish, fingered dragonet, seahorse, and thorns! Puerto Galera’s diving Log in Giant Clam on May 2015.


There must be a lot of fans of this point here! This is the point where you will be excited to see what kind of sea creatures you can see every time you visit. Sometimes it’s not good visibility, but you should also experience the fun of the sandy soil!

Diving Point: Giant Clam
Weather: Sunny
Water temperature: 28°C
Flow: None.
Visibility: 8m
Maximum depth: 17m

Dive location


Briefing map for Giant Clam. We’ll be entering from an area with a large giant clam.
Hmmm, I searched for images, but I couldn’t find any names or similar types… Many of the Hiramushi have beautiful colors. We need a flatworm illustrated book on the Internet!
A pink Centipede Sea Slug often seen in giant clam.
In Izu japan, a dark blue one comes up in the image search, but does the color change depending on the water temperature and what you eat?
The base of the arm is yellow, so I thought I could figure out the name of this shrimp from this hint… I did’t know.
It’s even more vibrant red than what I usually see! I felt that it was a good idea to do this. This is a red-bellied nudibranch.
It is a frogfish of about 4 to 5 cm. It’s so cute that you can’t get tired of looking at it all the time!
The Japanese call this nudibranch “Renge Umiushi”. It was a neat blue color with no yellow or orange to be seen.
It’s not so blue in color fingered dragonet.
The guest who dived with us said he could see 4 or 5 seahorse at once!

There are few coral reef views and schools of fish, but it is a sandy point that beginners should experience! You might meet some new people!

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