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Is this one of the spider crabs? Sabang Wreak is both macro and boat fun! Puerto Galera’s diving Log in Sabang Wreak on Apiri 2015.


We are gradually approaching the summer temperature. The sun is shining more and more and it feels good to go into the sea! However, it was still a little cold at the end of the dive… On this day, we went diving at the Sabang Wreak.

Diving Point: Sabang Wreak
Weather: Clear / A little wind
Water temperature: 25~26℃
Flow: A little bit of current.
Visibility: 12m
Maximum depth: 20m

Dive location


This is the briefing MAP of Sabang Wreak.
We found a creeping figure in the algae under the third wreck! Could this be a type of spider crab?
The snake eel is often seen in Sabang Wreak.
When I returned to the shallow water, we saw a starfish like this. You’ll often see turtles!
There’s also a huge Flying gurnard during the safety stop!
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  • Summary of the Puerto Galera’s GCQ guidelines on 17 May.
  • The Puerto Galera’s GCQ guidelines on 17 May.
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