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A short trip from Sabang Beach. Diving to Verde Island! Puerto Galera’s diving Log in Verde Island on Apiri 2015.


On this day, the guests gathered for a short trip to Verde Island! This is the second time for me. The journey to Verde Island takes about 30 to 40 minutes from Sabang Beach on a large bunker.

Diving Point: Mini Canions in Verde Island
Weather: Clear / A little wind
Water temperature: 26~27℃
Flow: The current is strong.
Visibility: 15-20m
Maximum depth: 25m

Dive location


The name of the day was Drop off Verde! We started from the shallow water and went down to the deep water.
We climbed into the large bunker and checked our equipment.
The island of Verde is coming into view! It was the first time I was there… Unfortunately, a workboat ran aground near the entry point of Drop off Verde. I’m not sure what is clear at the moment, but it seems to be leaking oil.
Other dive boats were also switching to other points. It may be difficult to go to the drop-off for a while.
Switch your mind and head west to Mini Canions! Lots of fluttering Red triggerfish!
You can see a lot of red and orange Yellowfin Damselfish!
The wave pattern is beautiful.
We unloaded the anchor and took a break on a small beach on Verde Island.
At the break, fruit and cookies such as bananas, pineapples and mangoes. Cold water and hot coffee are served!
Half a day goes by in the blink of an eye! Back to Sabang in the bunker with a view.
Puerto Galera Saban Beach as seen from the boat. There was a large cloud cover on this day.
This is what the evening of the day looked like! The large pink-tinted clouds are impressive.
It was a shame that the sun had fallen, but it was a beautiful time for the color of the sky.

You can see more beautiful sunset photos from this page.

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