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Extra Edition! We went to Moalboal. How to get there, restaurants, currency exchange, etc.! This is a hidden diving spot in Cebu Island.


I went to Moalboal in the Philippines in late June! My main trip is diving because I want to see a different ocean than Puerto Galera. If you haven’t been there yet, I hope it’s helpful.

How to get to Moalboal

Taxis, private charters and local buses seem to be the most common way to get around. Various dive shops and hotels can provide transfers from Cebu Airport. The market price of a car and a taxi is around 3,000 pesos, I think it is a sufficient amount of money.

In my case, I chose the local bus because I have plenty of time to enjoy the atmosphere.

I arrived at Mactan Cebu Airport around 7pm by domestic flight from Manila. We got stuck in traffic and arrived at the South Bus Terminal just after 20:00. The taxi cost was about 250 pesos + 10 pesos bus terminal fee.

The bus situation at the South Bus Terminal on this day was troubling…

It’s not every day you don’t get a bus like this! One of the local women said, I’m sorry, but I don’t know what to do. If you are a tourist, I would definitely recommend you to move early or charter a car.

The bus we managed to get on was jammed with no air conditioning. We ended up arriving in Moalboal at 1am…super tired!

Now you can book your transfers between Cebu Mactan and Moalboal in advance online! It is recommended for divers who have a lot of luggage because it is a private car transfer. You can choose one way or the other, and you can pay by credit card!

Book a private charter in Moal Boal from Cebu.

Currency exchange and ATMs in Moalboal

There are very few. The rate at this time was also different compared to the airport, so it is recommended to prepare in Manila or Cebu.

There is a money exchange in Moalboal at Gaisano Mall and a hotel on the beach that will exchange money for you. When the cash on hand gets tight, we’ll rush in somehow!

Convenient tour packages

Advance booking is recommended for the first time!

The atmosphere of Moalboal.

I stayed at Panagusama Beach. The town is small but has a good selection of hotels, dive shops and restaurants. I’m not sure of the high season, but it’s a laid-back country resort, just as you’ve described. When there is no wind, the sea is really quiet and you can relax.

How to get back from Moalboal

If you are chartering a car, I think you should get on a car from Panagusama Beach. It was difficult when coming from Cebu, but it was easy to get on the air-conditioned bus on the way back.

On the way, “We’ll rent a van to Cebu City for 800 pesos!” I saw that the bus was stopped, so I declined this time.

From Panagusama Beach to the bus terminal by tricycle or otherwise! I think anyone can go there easily.

Restaurants in Moal Boal

Cafe Cebuano

It was a pleasant restaurant by the sea. But the taste of the hamburger was not good. I should have gone with something else on the menu!

Lantaw Restaurant

The shop is located on the second floor of the dive shop. This time they were running a promotion for 15% off the meal menu, which is a lot more affordable at just 200 pesos, with plenty of salads to go with it! We went for the red curry and the green curry two days in a row.

Chili Bar

The thin-fired pizzas are cheap and delicious, and you can order one for less than 300 pesos. We also had some other delicious salads, nachos and lasagna. The spicy and spicy seasoning of each one is addictive. It’s a super reasonable restaurant if you share it with multiple people.

Maya’s RestBar

A Mexican restaurant located a little outside of the center. This is the place where I went for lunch and dinner! The photo shows a Mexican lasagna with lots of cheese and meat sauce. Burritos and tacos are also recommended.

The Coffee Shop

The owner’s homemade bread and sandwiches are delicious. It’s a great place to have a good cup of coffee anytime.

Reasonably priced and delicious food and a lot of diving! The sunsets are beautiful and I would like to visit Moalboal again and again.

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