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“The Orient Pearl Resort” a Japanese hotel in Puerto Galera. It is close to the Port of Muelle.


The Orient Pearl Resort is the only Japanese hotel in Puerto Galera. Most of our customers are Japanese, so you can relax even if it’s your first trip to the Philippines. The Japanese owner Koto’s cheerful and courteous hospitality and delicious Japanese food make it easy to see why there are so many repeat customers.

In this issue, we will introduce some services and facilities that our guests may not know about. All you have to do is ask the owner Koto in advance and you can use it all, making your Puerto Galera trip even more fun and convenient!

About the hotel

Popular Deluxe Room

There are 9 rooms in total where you can spend a relaxing time. You’ll want to stay here for a long time because you’ll feel at home and relaxed. A variety of room services, including drinks, are available in all rooms.

Electric water heater

You can rent a room for free during your stay if you ask in advance. It is convenient when you want to finish your morning coffee, cup noodles or other snacks quickly in your room.

Hair dryer

A hairdryer is rarely placed in the room at hotels in the Philippines. You can also rent a room for free during your stay if you ask in advance. It’s a great service for women!

Washing machines and dehydrators

Guests staying at the hotel can use it free of charge only if they do their own laundry. (Detergent is an extra charge) Because divers who go to the dive every day can dry the swimsuit quickly, I also recommend borrowing only dehydration! You can bring your favorite detergent and softener from Japan, and of course, a laundry service is available for an extra charge.

water server and pitcher

The water server is free of charge for guests staying at the hotel. If you want cold water at night or in the morning, you can rent a pitcher and keep it chilled in your room’s fridge.


Surprisingly unknown to overnight guests, the roof was also installed in the summer of 2015, so it’s perfect for relaxing and tanning on the breezy rooftop. It is also recommended to look at the stars when the sun is setting or when it is cool with the night breeze.

Outdoor pool

All guests can play for free. If you want to relax in the hotel, you can enjoy it from your room in your swimsuit! There’s also a shower in the pool, so you can take advantage of it to wash off before you enter the room after playing in the sea.

Billiard table

In the Philippines, many facilities charge separately for each game, but guests staying at the Orient Pearl can enjoy billiards for free. Practice your billiards while you’re in Puerto Galera!

Japanese books, manga, and magazines

Thanks to your donations, the Orient Pearl has books, manga and magazines in Japanese. When you travel, there are times when you want to read a book. You might even come across a book that you wouldn’t normally pick up! We can also bring it to your room.


This massage has a reputation among repeat customers. The massage by Auntie Lina at Orient Pearl is very popular, 300 pesos per hour (plus 50 pesos after 5:00 p.m.) and very reasonable price! He is a popular masseuse at other hotels, so be sure to book in advance.

Nail care

You can also make a reservation for the nails in combination with the above business trip massage. A manicure is 200 pesos, a pedicure is 200 pesos, and a set of both is 300 pesos. The basic color will be monochromatic, but it is OK to bring in a manicure.


If you are not confident about chartering directly on site, let’s ask Orient Pearl! Prices vary depending on the destination, but starting from 100 pesos one way to Saban Beach for lunch. They can charter you at night with no worries.

Rental motorcycle

Bikes for hire are available at the Orient Pearl. We currently have two bikes for two people. Prices are 400 pesos for a 6-hour rental from 10am to 4pm / 700 pesos for a 24-hour rental. Both are full of gasoline. It’s so convenient to be able to rent it outright during your hotel stay! Helmets are available for borrowing, making this a great service for those who want to move around freely. Advance reservations are required.

Car and Van Service

A van charter is available for up to 12 passengers. If you’re in White Beach or Saban Beach, you can get around for 500 pesos one way. Other destinations and excursions around Puerto Galera will be discussed separately. You need to book early, but if you are moving a large group of family members, it may be cheaper than using individual tricycles. It’s easy to move around, so depending on the number of people, we recommend it. Advance reservations are required.

Only Japanese restaurants can be used! If you visit the Port of Muelle, you should definitely visit it. Click here to make a reservation!

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