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What’s a Filipino vegetable “mustasa”? It is recommended for those who are staying for a long time and want to cook for themselves or eat a Japanese dish.


If you spend a lot of time in Puerto Galera, Philippines, you’ll miss the taste of Japan. Japanese hotels such as Orient Pearl Resort and KCS Minshuku are the best places to eat Japanese food, but if you are a self-catering person, there are some recommended ingredients!

What’s a mustasa?

Mustasa is a member of the green vegetable “mustard greens” that is close to wild grasses in the Philippines.

Simple cooking method

The mustard is chopped and salted to remove the bitter taste, then pickled in soy sauce or salt. If soaked in seasoning solution, the taste and texture is similar to that of pickled “takana”, which suits the Japanese palate well.

It can be transformed into a boiled or sautéed dish. It’s a great green vegetable for Japanese who stay in the Philippines for a long time!

You can always find them at the grocery store in the market in Puerto Galera, so look for them.

You can even make a japanese recipe like this in the Philippines!

Pizza with mustard greens and baby sardines

sauteed arugula and red mustard greens with olive oil

Pepperoncino with mustard greens

Simple pickles are good for rice balls, ochazuke, and fried rice. It is also delicious as a snack for alcohol.

Mustasa is a convenient way to add a Japanese style dish to your table in the Philippines. If you’re staying in the Philippines for a long time, you’ll be short of vegetables.

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