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“Minshuku KCS” This is a new Japanese owned hotel in Puerto Galera!


A new Japanese owned and operated hotel in the Talipanan area on the west side of Puerto Galera, “Minshuku KCS” opened in May 2018!

What kind of hotel?

The Minshuku KCS is a hotel with an eye-catching signboard with red lanterns. As you can see from the name, the owner’s name is Kanematsu-san. He is a very friendly and cheerful Japanese owner!

The first impression of the 4-story minshuku is very beautiful! This is a hotel that Mr.Kanematsu is very particular about.

About the room

There are 7 rooms in total in the hotel where we stay. What makes it unique is the naming of the room, which is reminiscent of an inn. The second floor is the plant “Pine, Bamboo and Ume(Plum)” and the third floor is the seasonal “Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter”.

Family Room “Ume”

The first large family room “Ume” has 2 double beds and 1 single bed. It is equipped with a luggage storage space and a veranda.

High season November to May/5,950 pesos
Low season June to October/4,950 pesos
*Breakfast for 4people included.

2 double bedrooms ‘Pine and Bamboo’ and ‘Spring and Autumn’

This is where the two double beds are located. The room is located on the beach side and the view from the veranda is exceptional.

High season November to May/4,350 pesos
Low season June to October/3,350 pesos
*Breakfast for 3people included.

Recommended Rooms
Room “Spring” has one of the best views of the hotel, with amenities and decor (currently being prepared). You can stay here for the above price plus 500 pesos!

1 double + 1 single bedroom “Summer and Winter

This room has 1 double bed + 1 single bed. This room also has a balcony.

High season November to May/3,450 pesos
Low season June to October/2,450 pesos
*Breakfast for 2people included.

All rooms are equipped with hot showers and washlets!

Hot showers and washlets are provided in all rooms. This is also the owner’s point of view. The rooms are clean and spacious, so you can relax in the same way as in Japan.

Other Services

Free high speed internet Wi-Fi is available for guests staying in the hotel or using the restaurant, and you can also watch Youtube videos!

There are worries about power outages and water cuts in Puerto Galera, but there is no need to worry because the water is pumped up from the ground with a generator. You can stay there with peace of mind.

KCS Minshuku has a Japanese restaurant!

The Japanese restaurant on the first floor serves the owner’s signature Japanese cuisine. Cleanliness first! We only put out what we are confident in. With a strict check, “Don’t serve anything that doesn’t taste good!” is the owner’s favorite phrase.

A view of a Japanese restaurant

Here is a Japanese food menu.

Curry and rice/335pesos

Tempura set/295pesos
Tonkatsu set (pork cutlet)/285pesos
The pork cutlet, as well as the miso soup and rice were very good.
There are also many other Japanese favorites on the menu.
The breakfast service included in the room rate includes a Japanese breakfast set, which you can choose from.

A Rooftop bar with a spectacular view!

The owner’s number one favorite is the rooftop bar. You can enjoy a great view of Talipanang Beach, Aninuang Beach and White Beach.

*The rooftop bar is scheduled to open in May 2019.
The view of the sunset and the starry sky from here is also exceptional.
The rainbow can be seen frequently, so please enjoy the delicious food and drink with the best view!

Why Japanese Hotel in Talipanan Beach?

The owner, Mr.Kanematsu, has been going to various beaches for 20 years and said, “I was impressed! This is the Talipanan of Puerto Galera.

With clear views in the mornings and a refreshing breeze, this is a place where you can enjoy quiet time away from the hustle and bustle, and you’ll find yourself thinking, “I want to live here!” He decided to open his own business because of this desire.

You can also enjoy fishing and island hopping on a bunker boat owned by the KCS. The hotel is located in the heart of the city, close to White Beach.

Mr. Kanematsu, whose trademark “Japanese hachimaki”, and his Filipino wife and daughter (who were absent on the day), who speak Japanese very well. KCS is a family-run minshuku with Filipino staff who have lived with Mr.Kanematsu for a long time. The hotel is a quiet and relaxing resort, yet feels very much at home.

Mr. Kanematsu travels back and forth between Japan and Puerto Galera, so he is not a permanent resident, but there are Filipino staff members who are fluent in Japanese, so you can rest assured. If you’re looking for Japanese quality in Puerto Galera, why not visit?

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