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Bagoong is a Filipino condiment! It is a seasoning like shrimp salted shrimp with fish sauce. Get a unique Filipino souvenir in Puerto Galera.


Even in rural Puerto Galera, there are many souvenirs that are typical of the Philippines. Introducing Bagoong, a Filipino seasoning with a punch in its name.

What is Bagoong?

It is a paste of salted fish or small shrimp mixed with salt and fish sauce (called “patis” in the Philippines), which is mashed into a paste.

Listening to Filipinos pronounce it, I have a feeling that it sounds more like “baguuone”. It’s a name you’ll want to mention over and over again.

There are many types of bagoons. 10 pesos a bottle at the market! It seems that there are some things, but the price and the taste are various. We introduce the bagoon, which is recommended for foreigners, and the package is also a cute souvenir.

I bought it!

This is a product called “Barrio Fiesta Bagoong”. I bought it for 75 pesos at a supermarket called “Park Way” in front of the port of Muelle. I’m sure you can find them in other supermarkets and stores too, so look for them!

It’s made by a company in the Philippines.

The contents are 250g, which you can tell by hearing it in the shop with shrimp paste.

The contents look like this. The taste is a little bit like salted fish with sweetness, and it’s very easy to eat. Is it close to the Japanese sense of “eating raayu”? I can understand why Filipinos would shovel rice into a bagoon and eat it.

If you’re in the Philippines, I recommend this way of eating. Bagoons on the tropical vegetable Singkamas!

You’ll find it in the supermarket!

I found it! Also in the supermarket CANDAVA in Puerto Galera. There are also Bagoong Spicy and Bagoong Sweet.

In the Philippines, it is an indispensable seasoning for everyday use, such as mixing it with food or eating it directly over rice. I think there are some people who don’t like this kind of stuff, but I think this product is easy to eat. I’m sure the drinkers will love it…!

It’s a good choice for yourself or as a travel souvenir! You’ll want to try it!

You can now buy the same thing in Japan!

The price is a little higher, but you can buy bagoons on the internet while you are in Japan. Let me introduce you to the three Barrio Fiesta Bagoong’s featured in the article!

■The green bagoon that I also bought is here.
■Click here for the spicy red bagoon.
■Click here for the sweet flavored sweet yellow bagoon.

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