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There are a lot of big Giant clams. On this day, We also had a flamboyant cuttlefish. Puerto Galera’s diving Log in Giant Clam on March 2015.


This is the point where you can see a lot of Giant Clams as big as 100cm. Snorkeling and beginner divers can also go there. You can see Giant Clams and corals on the sandy beach!

Diving Point: Giant Clam
Weather: Sunny
Water temperature: 22~24℃.
Flow: None.
Visibility: 12m
Maximum depth: 18m

Dive location


We dive from the point where the mussels gather. The depth will be about 5 to 8 meters.
I was able to see two of them on this day! Flant buoyant cuttlefish. Muelle Bay is a great spot for macro enthusiasts. Please don’t forget to bring your camera!
There are so many different types of nudibranchs to be seen!
His pouting expression is cute! A baby scorpionfish?
This one was also small! It was about 3-4cm in size. Cockatoo reaffish.
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  • Summary of the Puerto Galera’s GCQ guidelines on 17 May.
  • The Puerto Galera’s GCQ guidelines on 17 May.
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