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Puerto Garela GCQ on 17 may

The Puerto Galera’s GCQ guidelines on 17 May.


Guidelines for GCQ, released by the City of Puerto Galera on May 17. Depending on the content, there may or may not be more detailed instructions. I hope this will help those who want to check the original. Click here for an article summarizing guidelines related to life.

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Section 1. Mandatory wearing of Face Mask and Physical Distanclng when going out

All individuals allowed to go out of their homes to work or buy essentials is hereby mandated to wear face mask and practice physical distancing in any public places. Violaters shall be apprehended based on the provisions of Municipal Ordinance No. 012-2020

Section 2. Movement of individuals within Puerto Galera

Going out of the house is allowed only in accessing essential goods and services based on the clustered barangay schedule. A Quarantine Pass is still required under the GCQ, but individuals who are : (a) 20 years old and below, (b) those who are 60 years old and above, (c) those with immunodeficiency, comorbidities, or health risks shall be required to remain in their residences at all times, except during medical and health emergencies;

Section 3. Movement of Individuals outside Puerto Galera

To maintain safety of the whole Municipality of Puerto Galera from the threat of COVlD-19, and avoid its spread and contamination, everyone who shall be travelling outside of Puerto Galera, is requred to secure a Travel Pass from the Office of the Mayor. Travel Pass shall only be issued for the following reasons: (a) Medical and Health, (b) Financial and (c) to access essential goods and services not available in the municipality;

Section 4. Sectors / Industries permitted to Operate or Continue Operation during GCQ

The following sectors or industries shall be allowed to operate or continue operation;

a. Agriculture, Fishery, including all its supply chain;
b. Hospitals and Clinics
c. DentalClinic;
d. Pharmacy;
e. Market, Supermarkets and Grocery Stores;
f. Bakery;
g. Restaurants, Food Chains, Coffee Shop (take-out / delivery only);
h. Gasoline Stations, Water Refilling Stations, Hardware Stores,
Construction Supplies, Vulcanizing Shops, Auto supply shops, Carwash,
at Electronic Shops;
i. Telecommunication Companies and lnternet Providers;
j. Banks and Financial Institutions (But with limited time of operation)
k. Food retail establishments;
l. Barber Shop, Beauty Shops and Beauty Parlors! Salons (Limited only to
haircuts and selling of Beauty Products);
m. Construction Companies;
n. Funeral Parlor
o. Food Peddlers
p. Boutiques / Department Stores / Clothing stores;
q. Legal / accounting offices / administrative offices;
r. Public TRansportation (Public Utility Vans, Public Utility Jeepneys, Tricycies).

4.1. Only residents of Puerto Galera are allowed to work on industries allowed to operate during GCQ. But the following individuals are still not allowed to report to work: (a) 20 years old and below, (b)thosa who are 60 years old and above, (c)those with immunodeficiency. comorbidities. or health risks. But they can be allowed to go out for medical and health emergency;

4.2 Employees / Workers must bring with them the following documents : (a), Employee ID or a Certifcete of Employment. (b) Certification from the LGU that their entity is allowed to operate during GCQ (c) Medical / Health Crtificate issued by the Municipal Health Office:

4.3 It is reiterated that all sectors / industries allowed to operate during GCQ must practice Physical distancing among its employees and clients, at all times. Wearing of lace masks. at all times, is also mandated. All entities must also prepare a logbook to record all the clients who entered in their establishment;

Section 5. Sectors / lndustries NOT permitted to Operate during GCQ

The following sectors or industries shall NOT be allowed to operate:

a. Massage Parlors / Spas
b. Bars at KTV’s
c. Sports Facilities at Fitness Gyms
d. Resorts at Recreational Related Establishments (like billiard halls / internet
e. Cockpit
f. Travel Tours / Travel Agencies
g. Schools (Except when there is a permit from the Department of Education or IATF )
h. Gambling den or E-Casinos.
i. Dive resorts

Section 6. Guidelines for Public Transportation

The “No Mask, No Ride” policy and physical distancing shall be strictly implemented in all public utility vehicles. To ensure physical distancing, the following shall be observed among PUV, PUJ and tricycle

a. PUV (Vans) with Puerto Galera to Calapan City route – allowed to carry 50% of the seating capacity

b. PUJ (Jeepneys) with Puerto Galera to Calapan City route – allowed to carry 50% of the seating capacity

c. Tricycle – One (1) passenger only

6.1 All drivers and operators must still adhere to the existing laws and ordinances pertaining to traffic system and wearing of uniform ;

6.2 No fare hike is allowed. Fare shall strictly be according to the tare matrix issued by the Sangguniang Bayan. LTO or LTFRB.

6.3 Passengers not wearing face mask shall not be allowed to ride the public transport.

6.4 Only those with issued franchise shall be allowed to operate according to the “number scheme” set by the Sangguniang Bayan. Schedule of operation shall be according to the last digit of the franchise.

Monday – 0 and 1
Tuesday – 2 and 3
Wednesday – 4 and 5
Thursday – 6 and 7
Friday – 8 and 9
Saturday – 0,1,2,3,4
Sunday – 5,6,7,8,9

Section 7. Guidelines for Construction Companies and Macro industries

To ensure physical distancing among the employees of the macro industries and construction companies, the following are hereby promulgated:

a. All Construction Companies must coordinate with the Municipal Engineering Office before they can operate or continue to operate. List of workers must be submitted to the Municipal Engineering Office. Each worker must undergo Medical check up at the Municipal Health Office to secure Medical Certificate;

b. Number of workers must be reduced by 25% to ensure observance of physical distancing. But the following individuals are still not allowed to report to work: (a) 20 years old and below, (b)those who are 60 years old and above, (c) those with immunodeficiency, comorbidities, or health risks.

c. Shuttle service or housing for the employees, must be provided by the companies or a housing, to esnure limited movement of workers.

d. All Construction Companies must only allow residents of Puerto Galera to work to help them have additional income and help augment their financial needs. Only highly-skilled workers from Oriental Mindoro, if not available in Puerto Galera, are allowed to work. All Construction Companies must have a daily logbook for their employees.

Section 8. Prohibition of Mass Gatherings

It is highly prohibited to conduct Mass Gatherings such as :

a. Concerts and Shows
b. Festivals
c. Trainings and Workshops
d. Conferences and Conventions
e. Rallies and Parades
f. Religious Activities
g. Leisure Activities

Section 9. Individual Outdoor Health Activities

Because the municipality values health of every Puerto Galeran, the following physical activities are allowed:

a. Walking;
b. Jogging;
c. Running;
d. Biking and
e. Swimming.

It is hereby reiterated that the aforementioned activities are stricly for one person only. mass gathering is not allowed. Wearing of face mask and observance of physical distancing is mandatory at all times. The aforementioned activities shall only be allowed within the clustered barangay.

Section 10. Modified guidelines on Buying, Selling and Consumption of liquor

To regulate and control the continuing increase in the price of the liquor in Poblacion “population”, the following must be observed: (a) it must only be consumed inside the house, (b) drinking of alcoholic beverages is not allowed outside the house, (c) Drunk individuals shall not be allowed to go out of the house.

Section 11. implementation of Curfew

All Puerto Galerans must stay indoors from 8 PM to 5 AM, due to curfew.

Section 12. Guidelines on Locally Stranded Individuals

All Puerto Galerans who are stranded in another municipality, and would like to go home must coordinate with the MDRRMO.

Section 13. Maintennace of Checkpoints

Puerto Galera MPS (Puerto Galera Municipal Police), together with the Department of Public Order and Safety (DPOS) are the authorized individuals to man the checkpoints.

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