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When you dive here, you’ll be busy taking pictures here and there! This is a must for macro enthusiasts. Puerto Galera’s diving Log in Secret Reef on May 2015.


Diving at the Secret Reef, a macro dive site in Puerto Galera Bay! A total of five of us dived there, and right after the dive, there were macroscopic creatures here and there…! Guests with cameras will lose track of time and get carried away.

Diving Point:Secret Reef
Weather: Clear/No wind
Water temperature: 28°C
Flow: A little.
Visibility: 5m
Maximum depth: 16m

Dive location


Secret Reef is a jumbled, sandy dive site. Even if you get the signal “Here’s a creature”, you may lose sight of the small creatures while waiting for your turn to see them.
A Seagrass ghost pipefish(JP:KamisoriUo) wobbling around.
It is a cute fish with black and white dorsal fins and yellow spots. His name is Cardinalfish species(JP:Miyako Ishimochi). I looked it up, and it seems that they like sand and mud places.
A type of scorpionfish japanese called “Shimahime Yamanokami”, which had a coral as a bed and was fully contained.
This is the most popular Flamboyant cuttlefish with a very beautiful color! This is what you want to see when you dive into Puerto Galera Bay!
A baby onyx scorpionfish. It was so cute to move around like that!
Mimicry is really amazing. The flounder that almost erases the photo data by mistake.
From a distance, it looks only like a piece of stick. We call him “Waka Youji” in Japan.
It’s a minnow nudibranch called Philodesmium crypticum. You can often see strange things like this in the bay.
The glittering blue of the goby bothered me. Isn’t it a kind of black lily goby? I think.
A white seahorse that won’t look at me. It is characterized by a number of thorns and a long rostrum.
By the way, today’s clarity was like this! LOL.
There is also a small juvenile fish, a small nudibranch called “Pikachu”!
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